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DeepToken logo
DeepToken ICO Review
DeepToken ICO
Ticker: DTA
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1 DTA = 1 USD
Tokens: 100,000,000 DTA
Tokentype: ERC20
Platform: Ehereum
Distributed: 80%
Accepting: ETH

MindArk’s vision is to create a global ecosystem for the exchange and sale of intellectual property and digital assets on the IPX. With plans to establish the world's first real-world bank to hold its capital in a digital currency, MindArk will be well positioned as a custodian of this ecosystem, while also pursuing additional research and development in deep technologies. These systems will be exclusively fueled by DeepToken.


Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, we are best known for having created the world’s first free-toplay real-cash economy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (‘MMORPG’), the Entropia Universe, which has a Gross Universe Product greater than $400 million USD.
In March 2018, MindArk intends to undertake a token sale which will raise capital to fund and operationalize the next stage of the company’s growth plan; the creation of an Intellectual Property Exchange (‘IPX’).
Across the world, there is a large and active digital assets and intellectual property market of those seeking to license their assets across the digital universe. The IPX will enable the digital assets ecosystem, providing an environment for the exchange of intellectual property for and amongst business developers, institutions, token holders and platform users. As an open, cross-platform digital exchange, the IPX will support the development of a market where game and business developers monetize their work – be it created for the Entropia Universe or other games platforms, for non-gaming software, or for non-software situations such as 3D printable files. The IPX aims to become the central custodian of digital assets in a global intellectual property market that is estimated to be worth over $180 billion USD .
This document outlines MindArk’s plan to build on its existing intellectual property to develop this ecosystem and explain how the DeepToken – MindArk’s own digital asset native to a blockchain – will enable it to function effectively, both as a method of transacting between buyer and seller and as a publicly available blockchain based ledger of contracts.
The DeepToken will also have a function in the Entropia Universe payment and withdrawal process, expediting the transfer of its ingame virtual currency – the Project Entropia Dollar (‘PED’) – into realworld currencies and back again. Furthermore, DeepToken holders will immediately benefit from the consumption of tokens used for transactions and deterioration of items within the Entropia Universe. The IPX will be powered by DeepToken, also known as DTA. They are issuing 100 million tokens for purchase, which will be distributed at a rate up to 1 token to $1.0 USD (1DTA=1USD). The token sale will open in March 2018. More details on our token sale can be found on page 18.
On completion of the DeepToken token sale and establishment of the IPX, MindArk intends to hold future raises that will enable it to open a new fully-regulated real-world bank in Sweden - MindArk Bank – and create an Accelerator Funding Program to support a new generation of digital asset developers. The bank will help to finance the Accelerator Funding Program, enabling exponential growth of assets from a variety of developers and further increase the use of DeepToken.


2018: DeepToken Token Generation, Event launch.Implementation of DeepToken to the Entropia Universe payment and consumption eco-system. Implementation of DeepToken to the Entropia Universe payment and consumption eco-system. Application submitted to the Swedish Financial inspector for MindArk Bank. MindArk Bank will serve as the custodian of the IPX.
2019: Launch of IPX for public use. Total of 150,000 assets available on the IPX from partners and third parties. MindArk Bank launch (subject to approval) MindArk Bank will serve as the custodian of the IPX. MindArk develops new VR, AR and AI technologies available for licensing through the IPX.
2020: DeepToken trading volume exceeds $25 million USD across exchanges. Total of over 300,000 assets including Deep Technology solutions
to be available on the IPX. 10 companies accepted as part of the Accelerator Program using and contributing assets to the IPX.
2022: DeepToken trading volume exceeds $100 million USD across exchanges. Launch of three new planets into the Entropia Universe resulting in upward of $3 million USD flowing through the IPX as well as thousands of new digital assets.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Jan Welter Timkrans Creator of Entropia Universe Jan Welter Timkrans photo 3
David Simmonds Chief Executive Officer of MindArk David Simmonds photo 3
Henrik Nel Jerkrot Chief Executive Officer of MindArk. Henrik Nel Jerkrot photo 3
Magnus Eriksson Chief Operations Officer at MindArk. Magnus Eriksson photo 3
Gunilla Krogh Chief Financial Officer at MindArk Gunilla Krogh photo 3
Alf Svensson Alf Svensson photo 3
Andreas Funksjö Andreas Funksjö photo 3
Andreas Nordqvist Andreas Nordqvist photo 3
Camilla Winterfield Camilla Winterfield photo 3
Christoffer Dymlind Christoffer Dymlind photo 3
David Jannesson David Jannesson photo 3
David Simonsson David Simonsson photo 3
David Singer David Singer photo 3
Dennis Antonsson Dennis Antonsson photo 3
Joakim Antonsson Joakim Antonsson photo 3
Joakim Karlberg Joakim Karlberg photo 3
Johannes Darholm Johannes Darholm photo 3
John Borg John Borg photo 3
Justin Sorrell Justin Sorrell photo 3
Kaj Suokko Kaj Suokko photo 3
Krzysztof Prieditis Krzysztof Prieditis photo 3
Magnus Ryme Magnus Ryme photo 3
Malin Gustafsson Malin Gustafsson photo 3
Mathias Gustavsson Mathias Gustavsson photo 3
Mats Kling Mats Kling photo 3
Richard Örnemark Richard Örnemark photo 3
Scott Austin Scott Austin photo 3
Daniel Beijer Daniel Beijer photo 3
Sven Segerstad Sven Segerstad photo 3
Leo Welter Leo Welter photo 3
Nicklas Lindgren Nicklas Lindgren photo 3
Klas Moreau Advisor Advisors Klas Moreau photo 3
Oliver Orma Advisor Advisors Oliver Orma photo 6
Oliver Orma Advisor Advisors Oliver Orma photo 6
Lawrence Wintermeyer Advisor Advisors Lawrence Wintermeyer photo 3
Shaun Klein Advisor Advisors Shaun Klein photo 3
Hans Anderson Advisor Advisors Hans Anderson photo 3
Jens Bader Advisor Advisors Jens Bader photo 3

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