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Diario Bitcoin is an independent Spanish language cryptocurrency news website. It was founded in 2014 by U.S. based software engineer Angel Leon.

About the publication[edit]

Diario Bitcoin prides itself in being a completely independent and impartial publication, with no ties to political, economical or government platforms, a high ratio of original content, and full disclosure of all sponsored content and affiliate relationships. The website publishes news about Bitcoin, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and tokens, besides hosting a forum with threads on cryptocurrencies, ICO scams and community feedback, and educational guides about Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, a glossary of blockchain terms, and the first ever Spanish translation of the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

The site also offer updated market stats for several cryptocurrencies.


Diario Bitcoin's founder and CEO is Venezuelan software engineer Angel Leon. Leon graduated from Universidad Católica Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2005 he began developing commercial P2P networks for data sharing (Gnutella/BitTorrent). That same year he founded FrostWire.com, a file sharing and media playback application powered by the BitTorrent network and the cloud. Around that time, he authored the first Spanish translation of Satoshi Nakamoto's P2P Electronic Cash Sytstem paper. Leon has been a pioneer in localizing Bitcoin and blockchain products for Latin America. In 2013 he wrote “A chronology of the adoption of Bitcoin in Latin America", which served as a basis for DiarioBitcoin.com, a blockchain publication for the Spanish speaking world. Leon lives in the United States, where he has formed startups in Miami, New York (Nielsen, LimeWire, Temboo) and Denver.[1]

The website is edited by Mireya Tabuas, internationally recognized journalist and recipient of the National Journalism Award of Venezuela. Tabuas wrote for El Nacional newspaper for 20 years, and was a professor at Universidad Central de Venezuela for 15 years. She now lives in Chile, where she teaches at Universidad de Santiago and Universidad Alberto Hurtado.

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