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Digital Asset Association Austria (DAAA) – an organization for the promotion and sustainable development of the digital asset ecosystem in Austria. The company was founded in 2018.


The goal of DAAA is not only to represent the interests of startups and digital asset companies. Through its activities, the organization also seeks to inform the public about this topic. In addition, the Digital Asset Association Austria is committed to working with politics, government and public institutions. Initiators emphasize that DAAA is a "non-profit, independent representation of interests." In addition, it does not act as a lobbying or consulting agency for companies.


Representation of interests:

  • Support for promising projects and initiatives
  • Promoting communication, cooperation and solidarity among members
  • Organization and participation in discussions, conferences, etc.
  • Drafting statements, petitions and all types of representations to the legislature (including the EU)


  • Collection and use of information on national and international developments
  • Development of various specialized topics and publications
  • Creating a base of common information and consulting services for members
  • Organization and promotion of education and training for members

Network and Collaboration:

  • Creation of an information and network platform with national and international human rights groups
  • Establishing contacts between members, relevant organizations and institutions in Germany and abroad
  • Application of best practices through exchange with similar international institutions and membership in trans-regional digital asset associations


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