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Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) is a digital token that acts as a monetary means to pay transaction fees on the Dynamic Trading Rights cryptocurrency trading platform. The Dynamic Trading Rights project is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and immediately after the launch it will support ERC20 tokens, but eventually other cryptocurrencies will be connected to it.


DTR tokens will participate in 3 processes on the platform:

  • payment of fees;
  • regulation of trading volume on the site;
  • votes.

Without Dynamic Trading Rights tokens DTR on the balance, users will not be able to participate in these processes, which means that users will not be able to make a deal or participate in the voting. Although they will be able to trade, since the Commission will be deducted from the balance of the crypto currency that is being traded. But, using DTR tokens, the Commission will be several times less.

Where to buy[edit]

Dynamic Trading Rights can be bought on Livecoin exchange. The cost of 1 coin is 6 cents, but the maximum was 4 times higher – 24 cents. The total capitalization of the project is $75 million. The daily trading volume is 29,000 USD. Number of tokens in use is 1 190 000 000 pieces.

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