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About the company[edit]

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E-Currency.trade providing exchange service since Nov 2014. We provide both auto and manual exchange. We provide exchange service between e-currency and cryptocurrency like Perfect Money, OKPAY, Payeer, Advcash, Btc-e Code, Bitcoin, Neucoin, Litecoin, etc. To create orders in our exchange users need to be registered. Users can benefit from our affiliate and discount program.


Since Nov 2014 we have reached 1 year of providing exchange service to our customers. We Started Our Business first in Local later we started to build our own exchange service and launched in 01-09-2015. We have done trade with more than 500 clients. No negative feedback over internet.

Exchange Service Provided[edit]

We are provide exchange service for the following currency

We Accept
Perfect Money

Other Details[edit]

We have discount and affiliate program. We give users up to 25% discount based on their exchange volume. Affiliates gets 10% commission from every exchange their referred users do. In order to create order or exchange e-currency users need to open account in our website.

External Links[edit]

E-Currency Trade Exchange Service<br/> User registration<br/> Contact customer support - For quick support contact through our live chat.



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