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ECROFund is a blockchain consensus-platform that provides intermediary services for ECRO community members in the matter of investing in innovative projects. Using ECROFund community members can:

  • present their startup to other community members and collect investments for it;
  • use tools for selling products and services with ECRO;
  • receive passive income from the activities of projects placed on the platform;
  • and much more.

What is the purpose of ECROFund?[edit]

The purpose of ECROFund is to create a global ecosystem of goods and services turnover.

What is ECRO and what is included in the ECRO ecosysytem?[edit]

ECRO – is an ecosystem of a number of blockchain and AI products, that are designed to implement the main task of ECROFund - building an ecosystem, as well as creating a global turnover of goods and services.

ECRO ecosystem consist of following products:

ECROMarketplace is the market place where everyone can exhibit products or services to implement their ECRO community using the latest tools in the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

EDC Blockchain Masternode is a tool for our users to make a profit, as everyone can get EDC tokens, send it to ECROFund leasing and gain a stable income on the investments.

ECRONavigate is mobile application for expanding the network of consumers, developed for offline business. Using the app, each member of the ECRO community will be able to find your business and purchase goods or services for crypto assets.

ECROAcademy is a blockchain platform for remote education in various areas. Everyone can take courses, improve their skills and gain new knowledge without leaving the house.

ECROStartup a consensus platform for the ECRO community, which allows the community to come to a collective decision on the distribution of ECROFund investment portfolio aa well as receive dividends from the activities of projects located on the platform.

BitcoBit is the cryptocurrency exchange developed for the ECRO community, where everyone can sell or buy crypto–assets, tokenize their business and attract investment in their business by selling their tokens.

EcroP2P is a platform for buying and selling crypto-assets for the ECRO community, where each user can buy and sell crypto-assets using a “secure transaction” and receive payment in a convenient way.

ECROWallet is a desktop decentralized crypto-wallet for storing the crypto-assets of the ECRO community. Users can be sure about the safety of their assets, because all private keys are stored locally on users' devices.

ECROMerchant is a payment tool for receiving payments for the services or goods in crypto-assets, developed for offline and online business.

What is ECRO token?[edit]

ECRO token is utility-stable token which is designed to vote on the ECRO platform and manage assets transferred to ECROFund investment portfolio. ECRO token will be converted into tokens of the project for which the user voted, in case of collecting a sufficient number of votes by the project. 

ECRO token can also be used for:

  • payment for services or products placed on the ECRO ecosystem;
  • fees payment for the use of services in the ECRO ecosystem projects at a discount.

What is the emission of ECRO tokens and the price of 1 ECRO token?[edit]

  • The total ECRO emission is 100 million tokens.
  • The price of ECRO token is fixed: $1 / ECRO.

How do I purchase ECRO tokens?[edit]

ECRO tokens can be purchased in your account. You get an individual address to which you need to send the selected cryptocurrency (BTC).

Where are the funds from the sale of ECRO tokens distributed?[edit]

  1. 70% on investment projects.
  2. 30% on marketing and promotion of the ECRO ecosystem.

How can I earn with ECROfund?[edit]

You can earn with ECROFund in several ways:

  1. Up to 12% per month in EDC from coins leased to Masternode EDC Blockchain.
  2. Up to 5% per month for each ECRO token in EDC coins (at the current EDC exchange rate at the time of payment) for storing ECRO tokens.
  3. From affiliate fees for the sale of ECRO token. Details are in your account on the website.
  4. Dividends from the work of projects to be implemented on ECROFund platform.

How will dividends from the work of projects that will be implemented on ECROfund platform be paid?[edit]

All projects that have collected a sufficient number of votes receive investments from the investment portfolio of ECROFund. Each user of the platform who voted for such a project will receive tokens of this project, and dividends from its activities. Dividends will be credited to the holders of the project tokens on ECROFund platform to the personal account.

How can I withdraw my bonus accruals from the ECROFund platform?[edit]

All bonus accruals that are on the ECRO platform can be withdrawn to your crypto-wallets at any time. To withdraw bonuses, you must go through the KYC procedure, otherwise there will be restrictions on the withdrawal amount per day.

What are the immediate goals of ECROFund?[edit]

The nearest strategic development goals of ECROFund are reflected in the project roadmap on the main page of the official website.

Where will the investments ECROFund be channeled?[edit]

The main directions will be:

  • Construction ECROFund cooperates with leading property developers around the world. Innovative and ambitious projects in the field of construction bring stable dividends to our investors.
  • Blockchain и AI The main focus of ECROFund's investment activity is investing in IT- products in the field of blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. These are the most profitable areas to date, which give a stable income to our users.
  • Ecology Our team actively attracts projects related to innovations that help to improve the ecology of our Planet to the platform – alternative energy, eco-production, and other projects have a positive impact on flora and fauna.