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Jump to: navigation, search (“eCharge”) is the first alternative system for easy and cost-efficient recharging of electric cars and other battery-powered vehicles. It is designed to be globally disseminated through the installation of eCharge stations at hotels, offices, shopping malls, parking lots and other customer-friendly locations. (“eCharge”)

Country: Germany
Registration requirements: KYC & Whitelist
Restricted countries: USA
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, Fiat
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Soft Cap: 30M EUR
Hard Cap: 100M EUR
Token ticker: ECHG
Price in ICO: 0.1 EUR
Tokens for sale (MAX): 12B
Minimum investment: 10 EUR

Our app based on e-mobility platform for tomorrow's e-drivers. Smart, sustainable and made for the future. We provide charging stations to hotels so they can provide charges to e-drivers. These charging stations can be located, booked and paid for via the mobile app The app also provides tailor-made offers such as hotel bookings to e-drivers. Our goal is the WORLD wide coverage of charging stations and the creation of World's largest community for e-mobility


E-drivers can book hotels which have an charging station on its premises directly via the app. The charging station can be used immediately on arrival when booked with accommodation and the corresponding amount of ECHARGE (ECHG) tokens is deducted from the cryptocurrency wallet embedded in the mobile application. Functionalities of the app include:

  • Directory of all available charging stations in Germany and Austria
  • Map of hotels plus booking of rooms including charging station at a discounted rate
  • Activation and initiation of the charging process
  • eCharge community platform which allows for special offers from partner hotel for the app user
  • ECHARGE (ECHG) token wallet
Ability to Pay and therefore charge directly at all charging stations

The app is currently being developed. A public alpha version with a general map of available chargers is already functional. Activation and initiation of the charging process

Advantages of[edit]

eCharge for e-drivers[edit]

At we offer our community members the possibility to search for suitable hotels with charging stations and book them directly through our platform. The establishment and maintenance of relationships with the edrivers of our community is a highly exciting aspect that brings promising upselling opportunities. In addition to aboveaverage purchasing power, the target group of the edrivers proves to be very technologyoriented, forwardlooking and environmentally aware. The majority of edrivers can be characterized as follows: technology driven, future oriented as well as environmentally conscious. This group also happens to be the group that would be most interested in adopting our native cryptocurrency ECH.

eCharge for hoteliers[edit]

The future of charging facilities at hotels will follow the same story as WIFI facilities. Hoteliers may remember the times when they were thinking about installing WIFI at their hotels. In the beginning, it was a niche luxury for early adopterss. Now WIFI is one of the most wanted facilities on hotel booking sites. Second only to – wait for it – parking. The story of WIFI is the story of how an optional extra became an essential hotel facility with the quality of the service becoming an essential competitive differentiator. This is the story that aims to replicate with its goal of creating the largest Hotel based EV charging network. Figure 1 A screen grab from the world’s biggest booking site

MICROGRIDS A VEHICLETOGRID (V2G) NETWORK eCharge Initial Token Sale Whitepaper The number of evehicles is growing constantly and, along with it the circle of affluent and environmentally conscious customers. This attracts more customers for the hotels offering this service. It won’t take long until our streets become home to evehicles. With the price of evehicles steadily decreasing the number of edrivers will increase drastically. Where should these new customers charge their cars, while on the road, on vacation, or on a business trip if not at an hotel? Unfortunately, the purchase of an echarging station is always associated with very high investment costs. An unwanted showstopper for hoteliers. We address this issue by installing charging stations free of charge at hotels. In return, we ask for an exclusive service provision agreement and a EUR 20 charging fee per charging session, which will be paid by hotel guests. For hotels, it means that having an station today is going to become a huge competitive advantage tomorrow.

Product components[edit]

Hotel parking lots – the futureproof emobility location[edit]

The combination of their exquisite locations and excellent coverage in urban locations, next to highways and rural areas make hotel parking lots the ideal place to grow our network. Battery ranges will improve but for multiday trips the hotel parking lot will always remain the most efficient and convenient place for the recharging of evehicles.

Smart charging stations[edit]

The development of different types of evehicles will place more and more demand on the functionality of charging stations with different types of plug standards being one of them. By actively working with producers of evehicles, will ensure that hotels can provide charges to all types of evehicles such as Segway and escooters. The alwaysonline charging stations will operate via smartphone with NFC or QR Codes and is not only suitable for commercial usage but also for private households. They are compatible with all major evehicle brands. An intelligent builtin load management solution can guarantee the highest charging capacities but also allow charging in ecomode to keep operational cost as low as possible.

Charging Capacity 3phase from 11 to 22 kW 400V
Authorization NFC or QR Code
Charging connectors Type 1 and Type 2 compatible charging socket
Safety class IP54 for indoors and outdoors
Network GSM for wireless connection to the OCPP backend, Ethernet (LSA+ and RJ45) for constant connections
Protocol OCPP

Connected charging infrastructure – load equalizing smart grid[edit]

Connecting charging infrastructure by leveraging the most advanced backend technologies offer astounding possibilities:


The growth of evehicles will place a high demand on current electrical infrastructure. This means that the grid will not be able to meet demand during peak periods. By means of making use of the smart backend system, evehicles can be charged overnight, but in a way, that smooths the load pattern by evenly distributing electricity between all charging evehicles on the network. Given future improvements in battery cycle technology it would be possible to do to socalled carbitrage where auctions can be held where cars can sell their access energy to the grid during peak times. The electrical grid will be able to draw power from car batteries at peak times as a way of balancing supply and demand and, at the same time, ensuring that the cars are fully recharge.workd by the morning. eCharge Initial Token Sale Whitepaper


Microgrids are created by connecting distributed sources of renewable energy in a network. It can participate in the larger grid or operate independently during extreme weather events or other emergencies and provide the backbone for resilient, sustainable and efficient energy production to communities. To make the network fair and sustainable, metering the amount of production and consumption of participants on a realtime basis is essential. With the addition of a settlement functionality the benefits and cost of providing energy can be equally distributed between participants. For both metering and settlement, the decentralized transactional infrastructure of blockchain technology is an essential part of the backend. A fair microgrid structure provided by will make it possible for participants in the network to invest in excess sustainable energy infrastructure such as solar panels and recoup the cost of this investment while benefitting from the microgrid’s resilience. We foresee a time when these microgrids will be provided with green energy directly from energy exchanges. will then act as intermediary using the power of its community to negotiate the cheapest rates possible.

The ECHARGE (ECHG) token[edit]

The ECHARGE (ECHG) token will be an exchange traded cryptocurrency native to the network. The growth of emobility is highly dependent on the user experience of which the purchase process forms a large part. A blockchainpowered token has functionalities that current payment systems can’t match. At we aim to make maximum use of these capabilities to provide a superior customer experience. Moreover, added functionality such as the microgrid and possible integration with platforms of our partners will bring more transactional complexity to the network. This creates the challenge to decentrally exchange value and information between multiple parties. A blockchainbased cryptocurrency in combination with a smart contract will address this challenge into a source of competitive advantage. Apart from being an efficient international and crossorganizational means of settlement (voucher) the token is also a community builder. Through the burning mechanism higher demand for ECHARGE (ECHG) services will bring down the supply of ECHARGE (ECHG) tokens and reward community members who supported the ICO. Seeing that the tokens deem as a voucher for future services, buying ECHARGE (ECHG) tokens at a discount and keeping them over time also protects community members from having to acquire voucher at a premium during a later stage. The app The mobile application for iOS and Android makes the edriver lifestyle convenient. Apart from a map of all charging stations, it also has an integrated ERC20 wallet with which you can receive, store and use ECHARGE (ECHG) tokens. will eventually be offering exclusive accommodation and mobility packages to customers through the application.

The app[edit]

The approach to emobility[edit] differs from the competition seeing that we take a network and communitybased approach to emobility. Other competitors focus on selling charging stations with a hardware based business model. This approach is shortsighted and severely prolongs the time it would take for emobility to become mainstream because the charging infrastructure would remain at inadequate levels. provides charging stations in a way that can loosely compared to mobile phone service providers provide subsidized devices to customers. Just as the mobile service providers will benefit from the market built on top of the infrastructure provided to the community. Another similarity with mobile network is that the network becomes more useful as it grows. In the case of all the charging stations can be connected to the smart backend to create an optimal smart grid. The rise of electric vehicles will place too much demand on the electrical infrastructure – especially during offpeak times. This means that demand on the network needs to be managed in a coordinated way. By selling loose standing charging units, that cannot participate in a smart grid, the competition is creating an unsurmountable future problem.

Customer convenience is key but the smart grid is where the magic happens and is therefore our ultimate goal. ecosystem[edit]

For emobility to live up to its potential it needs to be at least just as convenient as owning a conventional car. Losing time at an inconvenient charging location by waiting for an ecar to finish charging results in a diminished customer experience.

Hotels are public spaces that are very well situated in the center of towns or very close to highways. It also happens to be the place where travellers sleep. When a hotel guest wakes up and a fully charged car is waiting for him in the hotel parking lot, the user experience is better than owning a conventional car. Compared to a charging station next to a highway, hotels also provide amenities such as fine dining and day spas – altogether a better user experience.

Additionally, when one looks at typical evehicle users they either charge their cars at home or at work. They are therefore usually not removed from charging infrastructure except when they do a return journey of more than 500km (the current limit of the Tesla Model S). This means that when the destinations are more than 250km from each other the electric vehicle will need to be charged at some point. As a place of residence for most travellers, hotels would be the most convenient spot for these charges to take place. Irrespective of improvements in battery technology hotel parking lots will always be the place where electric charges happen. This insight is genius in its simplicity and has allowed us to secure the most futureproof location for our charging stations.

Having an interconnected smartgrid of charging stations in combination with the most futureproof of charging locations is a great start, but it is still not enough. As in nature the strength and resilience of a network relies on its diversity. This is why will be open to partnering with emobility companies that share our vision to make green energy the emobility de facto standard. – 100% renewable energy as the emobility standard

Even if electrically powered vehicles have the potential to remove fossil fuelled vehicles from our roads, this does not mean that fossil fuels or even coal will not be used for energy generation. Especially not during peak times and especially not as the growth in evehicles place more pressure on the electricity grid. According to the European Environment Agency (see image) an ecar powered by 100% coal electricity will be responsible for more CO2 emissions than a fossil fuelled car over its lifetime.

To avoid this scenario, makes use of 100% renewable energy from our energy supplier Most of our charges are provided at night during offpeak times because we provide charging infrastructure to hotels. By providing echarging infrastructure at hotels we also combat air and noise pollution from fossil fuels where it matters most – the city centres where we live and work.

The team[edit]



Born in 1966 in Haslach, Germany. Being permanently exempted from computer science class was probably one of the first signs indicating the bright future of Markus Dold – the autodidact and highly qualified business information specialist, who found his first software company while still attending high school. More than 30 years later, his portfolio includes a collection of eCommerce solutions for the hotel industry and eProcurement projects for international companies as well as development of multiple software solutions. He has published multiple specialist publications and has held a series of keynote speeches around the world.

Selected partners[edit]

Making the emobility revolution happen is not a single company effort. Partnerships are key. Therefore, a large part of the effort until now has been focussed on developing relationships with handpicked partners. The evergrowing list of partners which include installers, machine to machine communication, software developers such as.


Company name Task
120 hotels across Austria and Germany Exclusive contracts for charging spots Energy supplier
Deutsche Telekom AG Cabling
TMobile AG M2M communication 4G
KEBA, ABL echarging station manufucturer
enio software Backend development for echarging stations
next kraftwerke Energy supplier Tesla car rental company
lapp kabel Charging cables

Pending partnerships

Company name Task
Kreisel electric Collaboration to develop a customized charging station
drive now Supply their rental electric cars with parking and charging
Car2go Supply their rental electric cars with parking and charging
Stadt Wien Provide public parking lots for echarging stations to widen network

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