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EMIC - European Mining Innovation Center is a Polish mining hardware manufacturer, they are only accepting pre-orders and their FAQ reads "The product at the moment does not exist."

Progression of mining and mining equipment development is enormous. Seeing this, and taking advantage of this opportunity to take up the challenge to move mining to the next level. EMIC will be the first ever company to introduce 20nm ASIC chips to their miners.

Preliminary testing shows that it is possible to achieve hashrate above 6TH/s while keeping the power consumption about 1500W. I'll get straight to the point. EMIC PowerModule revolutionize the mining. The most important for us, was that the cost of this device should be comparable to good quality computer (2000 PLN – about 600 USD in Poland). EMIC PowerModule’s effective hash rate is 5.65 TH/s +/- 5% and power consumption is 1400W.

Delivery of the first batch will take place in February 2015.

Price of one module: 2059 PLN (about 600 USD //23.12.2014)

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