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EOSDT is a blockchain-based collateral-backed stablecoin on EOS blockchain. It’s generated with the use of Equilibrium framework, a self-service gateway where users can stake their digital assets as collateral with a sufficient level of over-collateralization, and receive USD-pegged EOSDT stablecoin.

Stability Mechanism[edit]

1.1) EOSDT uses overcollateralized positions to maintain a 1:1 USD peg at all times, the mechanism for liquidation of undercollateralized positions is realized within the Liquidator contract. The Liquidator contract trades directly with collateral holders and arbitrators based on the Oracle price feed and incentivizing discounts.

When a Position is liquidated, its accrued position and collateral with an additional liquidation penalty are transferred to the liquidator. The position owner then receives the value of the leftover collateral minus the position, fees, and liquidation penalty.


1.2) EOSDT is listed on decentralized exchanges operating on EOS blockchain, such as EOSDAQ, DEXEOS, as well as on HitBTC.

1.3) EOSDT is supported by EOS Lynx, one of the most used wallets working with EOS blockchain.

1.4) On-chain logic maintains the collateralization level of all positions and balances the supply and demand for EOSDT with incentives for market participants to maintain at $1 precisely.

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