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EVEN logo
Ticker: EVEN
ICO start: 2018-06-04 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-03 00:00:00
Price: 1 EVEN = 0.1 USD
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 42,750,246 EVEN
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 34,000,000 USD
Softcap: 5,000,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 65%
Accepting: ETH

EVEN - decentralized exchange platform with high-speed functioning and advanced trading tools. It's available for everyone, developed and supported by EVEN Foundation company.

With EVEN Platform’s liquidity and quality it is comparable with centralized professional services, still maintaining all the features of decentralization. In the basis of DEX there is an underlying distributed storage among master-nodes. All trading operations are registered in EVEN blockchain, this is performed by the usage of upgraded DPoS consensus algorithm.

Protection of Money (PoM) algorithm and economy model provide required speed and security of the platform. This model protects all users from financial losses, volatility of EVEN’s rate, master-nodes’ unreliable operation, insufficiency of storage capacity. At the same time it keeps participants interested in working in line with protocol.


Low commission fee
~0,12% exchange fee. 0% transaction fee.
High speed
100 000 operations/sec.
Secured from the 3rd party
Security is provided by blockchain technology and collaterals, which would be used if there are any financial losses.
High liquidity
Achieved by: agreement with market-makers, referral program, low commission fees and safe operating in professional environment.
Referral program
Leads to a huge number of loyal clients, who bring in new traders to the network.
100+ advanced trading tools
It operates on own platform, sustaining 100 000 operations per sec, with more than 100 advanced trading tools.


Q2, 2017: Formation of the concept.
Q3, 2017: Validation of the concept.
Q3, 2017: White Paper v 1.0.
Q4, 2017: Running the development.
Q1, 2018: Token sale.
Q3, 2018: Prototype.
Q4, 2018: Alpha version.
Q2 2019: Beta version.
Q3, 2019: Pre-release version.
Q4, 2019: Release.
Q4, 2019: Release.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Ruslan Tsechoev CTO Ruslan Tsechoev photo 2.7
Alexander Kuzin CBDO Alexander Kuzin photo 2.7
Anton Ivanov CPO Anton Ivanov photo 5.2
Grigoriy Mozharovskiy CSA Grigoriy Mozharovskiy photo 2.7
Shuhrat Dzhuraev CFO Shuhrat Dzhuraev photo 2.7
Alexander Kulagin CSO Alexander Kulagin photo 2.7
Abdelkrim Belhia Finance and investments Advisors Abdelkrim Belhia photo 2.7
Maxim Frolov International development of the product Advisors Maxim Frolov photo 2.7

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  1. http://evenfound.org/en