Ebit E9 plus

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Ebit E9 plus is an ASIC miner.


Hasrat device: 9 Th/s. Great indicator, allowing model to compete even such competitor as Bitmain. Power consumption: 1305 Watts. It is also a good indicator that makes mining with the help of this ASIC very profitable. Dimensions: 29x12, 6x15, 5 cm, and weight 1.2 kg.

Ebit miner plus E9 9t impeccably assembled and has high quality used in its manufacture materials. In order for the device to produce less noise, there is a protective grille on its front side. Included with ASIC Ebit E9 plus is a power supply for 1500W. It is reliable and allows the device to work stably and produce cryptocurrency around the clock.


To run Ebit E9 plus, no special knowledge is required. Users only need to follow the instructions:

  • connect Ebit E9 plus to power and Internet;
  • find out its IP address;
  • enter it in the address bar of the browser to access the settings;
  • enter pool data and run ASIC.

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