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ecoinpool is a pool mining software written in Erlang for cryptocurrencies.

Beta Release of ecoinpool[edit]

There was the first release of ecoinpool and denoted the beta phase of the project. A quite large piece of work has been done to get this from zero to a full-fledged coin pool software, yet not everything is 100% solid and waterproof and some features are missing in the version. Nevertheless, everything you need to get started and give it a try is there.

ecoinpool supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin+Namecoin (merged), Litecoin and Fairbrix.


ecoinpool is written and maintained by Patrick "p2k" Schneider.

  • Jabber/XMPP:
  • IRC: #ecoinpool on Freenode - my nick is mega_p2k there
  • Message via GitHub

GitHub project

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