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LEDU cryptocurrency is a digital token of the Education Ecosystem platform. The development of this project began in 2015. In 2017, the project moved to monetization of content through the sale of advertising and subscription. Subscription price for a month is $10.


When creating the project, the developers paid attention to the most popular direction in the field of training – the creation of the product. Now, the platform presents premium content in the field of game development, programming, design, virtual reality and more. Training takes place in the form of streams, online lessons, and through self-learning with recorded videos that are stored in the archive. Thanks to the blockchain technology and this approach, the Education Ecosystem project is a unique project of its kind.


The Education Ecosystem platform is used by more than 1 million people from 200 countries. In general, the platform uploaded about 200 thousand units of video materials for training, created by 13000 streamers.

Where to buy[edit]

LEDU tokens became available for trading on Binance, and Bibox. The average cost of tokens on these sites is $0,025 with a total project capitalization of $5 million.

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