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ElectriCChain is a nonprofit affiliate of renewable energy cryptocurrency SolarCoin. It is a distributed ledger and the self-organizing, decentralized swarm Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain that forms SolarCoin's blockchain backbone.

Solar generation[edit]

The project's initial focus is to monitor open solar energy generation data from the seven million solar generators installed worldwide. As SolarCoin's blockchain backbone, ElectriCChain records all ledger transactions to the blockchain. The currency is granted as an incentive to solar producers, functioning both as a digital asset and as a solar power production reward.

SolarCoin forms the lowest carbon currency, the largest environmental monitoring experiment, and the largest private renewable energy project in the world. The program has been recognized by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)


ElectriCChain features twelve active projects including joint SolarCoin initiatives SpaceBelt and Skygold. SpaceBelt is a space-based data storage company scheduled to launch a network of data storage satellites to provide high-speed global cloud storage satellites as a space-based data center designed for the secure transfer and storage of sensitive information. The organization will store its blockchain vault on the satellites.

SkyGold is an initiative to establish an orbital platform from which to claim SolarCoin from space-based solar panels as well as through operational satellites in real-time with a locally-installed SolarCoin space node.

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