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Emmanuel Abiodun is a Software Engineer and Crypto Currency enthusiast based in San Jose California. He was the CEO and founder of CloudHashing. In May 2014, Emmanuel Co-founded PeerNova Inc via a merger of CloudHashing & HighBitcoin. In January 2015, PeerNova closed down their bitcoin mining business to focus solely on blockchain based financial applications

Education and career[edit]

Abiodun attended Queen Mary University of London where he received his degree in electronic engineering in 2005. Upon graduation, he worked as a software engineer in the oil and gas industries before transitioning to investment banking. Abiodun then held positions at JPMorgan and HSBC investment banks. In January 2011, he installed a free application on his home computer to start bitcoin mining in the evenings after work. After realizing he needed to mine constantly to make any money, he started investing in specialized computers to carry out constant bitcoin mining and set up his computers in a data center in Kansas City, Kansas. In October 2013, he added a datacenter in Iceland. He is a board member at Digital BTC.<ref name=digitalbtc/>

Personal life[edit]

Abiodun is married to Gloria and they have two children.



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