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Emphy is a decentralized ecosystem where landlords and tenants meet to conclude short-term real estate rental contracts .

Blockchain combined with smart contracts will eliminate the dependence on the centralized system between the participants of the transaction, and will significantly reduce the commission and help fixing the terms of the agreement (booking and general conditions) between the owner of the property and the guest. Emphy provides innovative approaches, openness, convenience and ease of use. The platform will raise the technology and the process of short-term renting to a new level of development.

The ecosystem will be of interest to landlords, who are engaged in offering real estate properties (rooms, studios, apartments, houses, etc.) for short-term rent, as well as to the guests. Emphy will create the most comfortable and clear conditions for all platform users for achieving their goals. All users of Emphy ecosystem pass the personal identification and in the future receive a unique personal user rating, which is compiled both from a general feedback of the contractors and from the auxiliary data. Thus, Emphy makes it possible to establish trust between the platform users.

First of all, the new ecosystem is oriented on the markets of developing countries that attract travellers / tourists and have a great growth potential (Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia). We believe that over time Emphy will take a worthy niche both in Western Europe and in the North American market and will seriously compete with the leading companies in this industry.

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