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Epicenter takes you to heart of perhaps the most important technological revolution of our time, the rise of decentralized technologies. At the center of this paradigm shift are Bitcoin, blockchains, cryptocurrencies and other distributed systems, where networks form consensus to build new complex organisms which live nowhere, yet exist everywhere.

Every week, hosts Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture and Meher Roy bring you in-depth conversations with some of the brightest minds in this bourgeoning ecosystem of startups and open source projects. Their guests, which range from entrepreneurs, to academics, to industry experts, join the conversation from different locations around the globe, which gives Epicenter a truly international scope.


Epicenter (formerly Epicenter Bitcoin) was founded in late 2013 when Brian Fabian Crain and Sebastien Couture met on a Skype call organized by Adam B. Levine of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast, to identify new show ideas for the LTB Network. After producing an initial pilot episode, Brian and Sebastien continued to release episodes every week, covering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news stories.

Soon after, the show moved away from a conversation between the hosts to feature interviews with guests. Regular co-host Siân Jones and our early guests helped shape the show to what it has become today. Since then many of the most influential people in the industry like Gavin Andresen, Vitalik Buterin and Mike Hearn have turned to Epicenter to explore the big issues.

Six months after its launch, the show added video with the addition of their YouTube channel, bringing with this new medium, a new audience.

In September 2015, with Meher Roy, a biochemical engineer and blockchain expert, the team added a third host to the show. Meher brought insatiable curiosity and a wonderful ability to explain complex problems with simple analogies and metaphors.

In September 2016, the team rebranded Epicenter Bitcoin as ‘Epicenter’ reflecting the broader focus on all things blockchain that the show took on a while ago. Today, over 10,000 people listen to each episode including many of the most influential people in the industry.

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