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Ether Quest is blockchain based desktop game with RPG elements developed by Ether Dale in February, 2018. The Game combines traditional role-playing game with blockchain technology and runs on Ethereum network. You only can play the Game with the systems that are compatible with MetaMask, an Ether wallet.

Acquiring a Warrior[edit]

At the center of the game’s universe is the Warrior - a collectible character with a set of individual attributes: unique combination of stats and bonuses. There are five types of Warriors, some are more rare then others. To start the game, you need to buy a Warrior. The Warriors are sold at the Marketplace by the platform and by other players, new Warrior can also be summoned with a special ritual (mined).

Game Economy[edit]

There is no fix minimum amount required to join the Game. You need to buy a Warrior to start to play, which is usually not less than 0,05 ETH, plus another amount for the game transactions. From financial point of view, the main key feature of the game is return on investment gained by the player. The players earn Ether by selling collectible Warriors to other players at the Marketplace or having them fight in various kinds of battles: by either putting them up for a single combat at the Arena or enlisting to fight at a Tournament.

Safe Future of the Investments[edit]

Because the Warriors exist in an open network they are gamers Property and can be re-used in other blockchain games and can be integrated into other applications. The assets gamers have earned stay with them as the property ownership is assured by blockchain.

Interesting Facts[edit]

There are 9 million possible Warrior variations, each of them unique.The initial quantity of Legendary Warriors is 900, and for now only 1 was mined. This Warrior was sold at the market for 5.000 ETH (which was $3,500 at the exchange rate at the moment of transaction).

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