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EventChain is an advanced decentralized blockchain token network that powers a unique smart contract ticketing system (SmartTickets™).


EventChain solves many of the problems with current event ticketing systems available today while providing the additional benefits of using a blockchain as the foundation. Both the EventChain system and its tokens (“EVC Tokens”) encourages everyone in the ecosystem, including all stake holders such as event managers of sport and concert events, party organizers, social clubs and ticket purchasers to sell or buy SmartTickets using EVC Tokens and other traditional payment methods.

Mission Statement
EventChain’s mission is to:
1. Solve a long list of issues for event ticket sales by providing the advanced functionality of SmartTickets using EVC Tokens. See following sections for details.
2. Provide holders of EVC Tokens with benefits such as early bird tickets, priority seating and discounted pricing.
3. Foster the utilization of EVC Tokens inside the EventChain SmartTicketing platform. Although EventChain will utilize various payment gateways that accept EVC Tokens to purchase products and services from over 205,000 vendors across 182 different countries, all significant ticketing benefits will be available only to those using EVC Tokens.

ICO start date: 2017-10-14


EventChain alpha is already live to purchase tickets using EventChain tokens (EVC) on the Ethereum testnet blockchain. The cost of processing a ticketing transaction on network averages 5 cents or less, significantly cheaper than the current ticketing systems available. The Alpha Decentralized application has a “web2 sidechain” to harness these technological benefits with little technical expertise and is also fully functioning on desktop and mobile devices and also a web 3 backend for coders to be able to create events and sell or buy tickets using command lines. The aim of EventChain - no counterfeit tickets, overpriced resale markup, and no excessive processing fees in the event industry anymore.

Sell tickets: - EventChain Mobile App or desktop client is used to create events and issue tickets. EventChain has peg ticket price floors, ceiling or custom variables for resale tickets. It also sets price control, promotes commission and spot scalpers with the EventChain reputation system.

Buy tickets: - Users can quickly purchase tickets on EventChain app. Blockchain tech displays the total tickets available. User can also build and grow his digital ticket wall which assists him share event memories with friends and family.


The EventChain team includes cryptocurrency leader Ashton Addison among blockchain developers, entrepreneurs and a development team with over seven years of software development experience in booking applications. The Board of Advisors is stacked with experts including Dr. Steven Funk, Silicon Valley Billionaire, Piotr Piasecki, Core Developer of Factom, Jeans Tang, President of Blockchain Research Institute in China, Dror Medalion, CEO of Bitjob.io in Israel and more.

Ashton Addison
CEO, Founder
Ashton acquired a BBA Business Administration, Accounting & Finance (University of the Fraser Valley) in 2016. He has been a leader, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast in blockchain technology since 2013. With a decade of experience in markup languages and website development and a constant thirst for knowledge, Ashton constantly studies coding, trading cryptocurrency, and living for cutting-edge decentralized technologies with a special place for Ethereum and smart contracts. He founded the online FinTech and digital currency news broadcasting network Crypto Coin Show and has Crypto communities on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Other Team members:
Ashton Addison. CEO, Founder.
Bogdan Fiedur. Smart Contract Developer.
Jesse Couch. Core Developer.
Chong Foo Chaw. Managing Director, Zhaolim Pte.
Lance Shaler. Executive VP.
Dino Bassanese. Chief Product Manager.
Jay Addison. President.
Geoffrey Spooner. VP Sales.

Advisory Board Members:
Dr. Steven Funk. Silicon Valley Entrepreneur.
Piotr Piasecki. Core Developer, Factom.
Jeans Tang. Founder & President at Blockchain Research Institute.
Dror Medalion. CEO of Bitjob.io.
Dr. Amir Hajbaba. PhD Corporate Finance.
Amin Bohio. Security Expert.
Rob Whittle. Marketing and Advertising.
Richard Patterson. Event Promoter.
Tanis Mercado. Project Development.
Keith Lownie. MBA, CPA, CA.
Tony Simonovsky. ICO Growth Hacker.


EventChain’s Alpha, a prototype of a functional token backed ticketing system on the Ethereum blockchain, is already developed and being tested by the community! Access EventChain’s Alpha at https://alpha.eventchain.io

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