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Exagon’s vision is to create investment strategies that provide potentially high-yielding, uncorrelated returns in a world of low-yielding, correlated assets.

Exagon and its partners have closely followed developments in Bitcoin and the multitude of proceeding Block Chain markets since shortly after the inception of the technology in January 2009. Exagon is led by the investment philosophy of John Zwick, who early recognized the investment potential of Block Chain markets while studying economics at the University of Chicago.

They trade by taking calculated risks. They manage accounts using strategies that can include technical, arbitrage, event or information driven, cyclic, and algorithmic. Their disciplined approach based on well over five years of technical research has guided them to specialized investment success in frontier markets. Capitalizing on the meteoric increase in digital currency exchange rates, our strategy has outperformed all mainstream global investment indexes.

They consistently achieved uncorrelated positive returns, offering an attractive product that provides managed exposure to a high-yielding market. They also believe that the liquidity they provide will potentially accelerate the enfranchisement of the billions who are financially under-served today.

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

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