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Marketplace WEX

The official site of this platform:

The WEX trading platform is one of the youngest. It was launched in September 2017. Supported languages: English, Russian and Chinese. It is possible to use different payment systems and exchangers. Supported fiat currencies: dollar, ruble, euro. Supported crypto-currencies: bitcoin, bitcoin cache, lightcoin, dash, zcash and others.

The site is equipped with an intuitive interface, which is characterized by simple navigation. In the upper part of the window, information is displayed on the trading volume in the bitcoin / dollar pair, the last minimum and maximum orders.

Check in

Registration takes a small amount and is based on two-factor authentication. The "Registration" button is located in the upper right corner. To complete the registration you need:

  1. Enter the e-mail address twice - one by one
  2. When displaying a picture - enter the code
  3. Agree with the rules
  4. Click on the registration button

It is important to note that when a message with a generated password appears, it is necessary to write it down. After that, we go to your e-mail, to follow the link from the letter sent automatically by the WEX system. After the transition, the registration process can be considered complete.


Verification is not a prerequisite for this site. The identity check is required in the case of entering a phiatic means or putting it on a bank card, or when using a bank transfer or payment systems that require verification. In the absence of verification on the WEX platform, the input and output of crypto currency, bidding and other functions will also be available.


More than thirty pairs are present on the exchange WEX. The exchange provides its users with convenient and fast options when replenishing the account. You can replenish the balance on the trading floor through: Perfect money, ADVcash, Epay, Payeer, Yandex.dengi, QIWI, mobile operators, payment cards of the VISA interbank system.

To enter funds in the upper right corner is a button "Finance". When clicked, there is a list of all currencies and their balances relative to the account. Find the right one and click "Refill". After that, the user address for replenishment will be displayed below.

Commission for operations for all currency pairs will be 0.2%. The time it takes for the account to be credited depends on how long it takes for the crypto currency network to confirm the transaction. The entry of the crypto currency on the stock exchange is made without commission. You can always find information about commissions for the phantom currencies in the "Finance" section of your personal user profile.

There are much fewer possibilities for withdrawing funds from the exchange. One of the most popular is the use of the WEX code. You can also use it when making a deposit. Among the indisputable advantages of this method is the immediate withdrawal of funds and the absence of a commission. Become the owner of the code is given the opportunity on the platform BESTCHANGE, the name of it WEX USD. Using the code allows you to withdraw funds to Kiwi wallet, Yandex money or WebMoney.

For users who have not passed the verification, the methods for removing the funds are different depending on the chosen currency. They are the following: WSE internal code, Kiwi electronic wallets, cellular operators, Perfect money, ADVcash, Epay, Payeer. The fee for withdrawal will also differ in each case, however, when using the WEX code there will be no.

In the "Trades" section there is a trade in currencies. In the upper part of it there are actual quotes. Your attention is given and a simple chart for the implementation of fluctuations in current quotes. The menu for buying / selling a crypto currency or fiat is located at the bottom of the page and has a standard interface. On the WEX site, we present our own coin "WEX". Bidding on it opens in a separate section "Tokens". Due to the fact that WEX is issued by the administration of the site, it guarantees their redemption. WEX derives profit from commissions for user transactions. And it also attracts investments to purchase its currency.

Bidding on this exchange is possible in two ways:

  1. Placing your order - enter the amount of currency for purchase or sale and the cost (fields "Quantity BTC" and "Price per BTC"), confirm the order placement and wait until someone agrees to these conditions;
  2. Consent to the order of another user - select the required line in the Sales Order Tables or Buy Order, then "confirm".


The WEX trading platform uses standard security measures. Two-factor authorization involves the use of the user's phone - the Google authentificator - and the electronic mailbox. To make your account more secure, you need to go to the profile and the "Security" section. Here you can choose the security settings that you need to adjust at your discretion. The password can be changed here if desired. When you make changes to the data you specified earlier, adding the allowed IP-addresses, the system will apply the policy "Money hold". This means that the user will be limited in the function of withdrawing funds for a long period of time. As a rule, it is from twenty-four hours to fourteen days.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any trading platform WEX has its pros and cons.

  1. Among the obvious advantages are:
  2. Abundance of ways to enter and withdraw funds on the exchange
  3. Absence of mandatory verification
  4. A large number of supported currencies
  5. The presence of popular WEX code.

The disadvantages include:

  1. Weak security policy
  2. Old-fashioned service interface
  3. Long term of blocking of funds on the system of money hold.

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