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Explore Coin is a decentralized eco-friendly travel cryptocurrency and ecosystem


Explore Coin is a digital currency that is aiming to be the leading travel cryptocurrency in the world. Explore Coin will utilize blockchain that will allow it to operate independently of financial institutions and banks. The decentralized nature of Explore coin will simplify travel, provide better security, safety, transparency, and cost savings to travellers.

Explore Coin is also a part of the broader travel ecosystem (comprise of three projects: Ecoplore, Explore Local, and TravlrFeed) that aims to transform the entire travel industry through sustainable and transparent business practices. The ecosystem is designed to plunge dishonest reviews from the travel industry as well as promote locate businesses with the focus on the eco-friendly aspect.

With the help of incentive-based, community-ran platforms or applications, Explore Coin will allow the travellers to find, review, and book various travel experiences in a completely transparent way on its Explore Local platform. The actual users of experiences will be allowed to post their reviews on the Travlr Feed platform, for which they will be rewarded with native crypto, i.e., Explore Coin. The aggregator platform of Explore Coin, Ecoplore, has already partnered with 70 eco-friendly companies with more 120+ satisfied customers in Asia.

More information in the project whitepaper: https://www.explorecoin.io/assets/docs/IEO_Whitepaper.pdf


Decentralized Platform

Explore Coin is a decentralized currency that will be independent of third-party financial institutions or banks for payment processing. Therefore, the travellers will not require to pay a high commission/brokerage fee to third-parties for booking travel experiences.

High Security and Safety

Utilizing blockchain, Explore Coin will ensure that none of the user personal information is disclosed to travel companies, part of the Explore Coin travel ecosystem. This will result in high security and the safety of user data.

Worldwide Acceptance

Explore Coin will make international partnerships with international travel agencies to bring intrinsic value to the Coin as well as increase its popularity among travel businesses. The travellers can book experiences across the globe easily with the help of this travel cryptocurrency.

Faster Transaction Speed

Explore Coin platform will process the user's transactions much faster, taking less than 1 minute to ensure seamless operations. The users won't face any latency or transactions delays due to the incorporation of blockchain.

Lower Fees

As Explore Coin travel booking platform will be free from centralized banks or third-party institutions, the users or owners of Explore Coin won't be required to pay hefty fees to third-parties, resulting in substantial cost savings. This will also help travellers in keeping their holiday budget under control while enjoying vacations.

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