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Expresscoin is fast, safe and easy way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is possible to send in money using a bank wire transfer, personal check, USPS money order, or via INTERAC and get Bitcoin in the same way. You are allowed to use your own wallet, all deposits will be sent directly to your public address. Also, you can use wallets from the website, reference our handy Bitcoin Wallet guides to setup a wallet with our wallet partners.


Expresscoin is one of the oldest and most trusted cash for bitcoin brokerage companies in the United States. We've helped tens of thousand of people enter the bitcoin ecosystem and have helped process over $50M in transactions. Even though we don't handle money anymore, we still know the best ways to buy bitcoin. We connect you with the fastest and most reputable sellers in the industry and work to make sure you have the best experience possible[1].

Main information[edit]

  • Country: United States
  • Headquarter: Santa Monica
  • Type: Financial Services
  • Round: Seed
  • Cost: $ million
  • Date: 1-Mar-2014
  • Investors: Crypto Currency Partners, Demarest

Methods of Payment[edit]

Domestic (USA)[edit]

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Personal Checks
  • Cash Desposit via Shared Banking at Credit Unions
  • USPS Money Order

International (CA, EU, RU, AU)[edit]

  • International Bank Wire Transfer
  • INTERAC bank transfer

Orders must be paid for within 1 business day

Fees & Rates[edit] charges a 3% fee to sell Bitcoin and a 3% fee to buy Bitcoin. Our rates may change, please check our website.


  • Bring your own wallet, you keep the private key.
  • 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Daily server backups

The list of supported wallets: Bitcoin Wallets

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