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The Fujinto Token is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. Fujinto is an open source, global payment network that is decentralized. Fujinto is created to become the cryptocurrency used to pay for transportation and accommodation booking websites.

Project website

ICO start date: 2017-08-10


  • Secure online transaction. Security and privacy of user's online transaction are protected by RapidSSL authorized technology. Receive e-ticket or hotel voucher directly to your email.- Extensive search resultsComparison of cheap flights and hotels.- FujintoPay - the way to book and pay for plane tickets and accommodationBook and get e-ticket/hotel voucher in less than 1 minute with 1-click booking, Travelers Picker and instant issuance.

More information in the project whitepaper: http://fujinto.io/uploads/fujinto-whitepaper.pdf

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