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FansUnite logo
FansUnite ICO Review
FansUnite ICO
Ticker: FAN
ICO start: 2018-07-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-01 00:00:00
Softcap: 5,000,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH

FansUnite is going to provide free, shared infrastructure to facilitate the full disintermediation of sports betting. The protocol is designed to be both application and token agnostic, allowing for DApps to take bets in their own ERC20 token. They provide this through a public library of smart contracts, standardized data structures, and an Oracle network incentivized by tokens to provide low-latency accurate sports data.

Please read about our implementation in detail on our website, and stay tuned for our testnet demo in June for the World Cup.


FansUnite Limited. (“FansUnite”), a Gibraltar based company, will be the first decentralized social sports betting platform in the world. FansUnite is created by bettors, for bettors, and was founded with the mission to improve conditions for sports bettors everywhere. They are revolutionizing the sports betting industry by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to provide cheaper, more secure, verifiable and transparent betting. Members will be able to place bets on events as with a regular centralized fiat-only sportsbook. Additionally, members will also have access to the FansUnite community where they will be able to share their betting history and upcoming picks with other bettors in order to improve the probability of profitability. Further, community engagement on the platform such as posting bet rationale, sharing winning picks, and social sharing will be rewarded. FansUnite will provide better odds, encourage members to collaborate, and reward those who embrace this community concept. FansUnite is building a sportsbook where everyone can win.
FansUnite aims to be the first regulatory compliant decentralized social sportsbook, with a 1% margin, and a community of fellow bettors striving to make your betting experience increasingly profitable. They believe the value proposition posed by FansUnite of better odds, community building incentives and verifiable results on the blockchain will prove highly compelling to potential token holders and members of the platform.


January 2014: Inception, $250K Seed Funding
September 2014: Alpha Launch
April 2015: Beta Launch
January 2016: Boomtown Accelerator Program
March 2016: Full Platform Launch
August 2016: Victory Square Technologies announces acquisition of FansUnite Media Inc. for $2M in consideration.
September 2016: Strategic Partnership with BTL Group
June 2017: Launch
September 2017: Incorporation
Formal Announcement of Token Generation Event
Announcement on BitcoinTalk
October 2017: Launched Bounty Program
Reached 500 in our Slack
Partnership with SaberCruncher
Q4 2017: Baseball Data Services
Q1 2018: Token Generation Event
Basketball Data Services
Smart Contract Development
Walkthrough Demo
April 2018: Oracle/API Feed Development
Alpha Launch on TestNet
June 2018: Closed Beta Launch for World Cup on MainNet
August 2018: NFL Data Services
September 2018: Full Beta Release of Web Platform
December 2018: Social Components Integration
January 2019: Full Web Platform Launch
June 2019: Native iOS/Android Application[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Darius Eghdami CEO Darius Eghdami photo 2.6
Shafin Tejani CEO Shafin Tejani photo 2.6
Gary Boddington CRO Gary Boddington photo 2.6
Ron Segev Partner Ron Segev photo 2.6
Ryan Cimoszko Solidity/Full Stack Developer Ryan Cimoszko photo 2.6
Stephen Rothwell Head Trader Stephen Rothwell photo 2.6
Heidar Bernhardsson Full Stack Developer Heidar Bernhardsson photo 2.6
Jon Ingoldby Full Stack Developer Jon Ingoldby photo 2.6
Jeff Jang UX/UI Designer Jeff Jang photo 5.6
Peter Smyrniotis Advisors Peter Smyrniotis photo 2.6

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