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Fiii aims to promote the wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies throughout the world.

Fiii's ecosystem comprises of five different tech arms.

FiiiPOS The only mobile payment POS terminal in the world that is compatible with more than 15000 cryptocurrencies worldwide. Designed with a patented technology, FiiiPOS supports a multitude of functions including NFC, Bluetooth, code-scanning, GPS close-range payments and facial recognition.

FiiiPAY More than just an eWallet, FiiiPAY offers a streamlined and convenient way to store money and make payments. It has powerful capabilities in multi-currency exchange transactions. It supports more than 1500 cryptocurrency exchanges and is able to work with future currency. Combined with FiiiPOS, FiiiPAY provides a speedy, convenient and user-friendly payment experience. Consumers can shop in places using or offering FiiiPAY services around the world without the net to prepare for foreign currency or being mindful of the current exchange rate. FiiiPAY is envisioned to revolutionise monetary transactions international spending and global lifestyles as a whole.

FiiiEX FiiiEX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies. FiiiEX supports not only all major cryptocurrencies but also transactions from third party currency exchanges to ensure a borderless spending experience - all with an attractively competitive transaction fees structure.

FiiiCoin FiiiCoin is a cryptocurrency created with long-term stability and commercial viability in mind. It is a customised proprietary software and is also a private chain cryptocurrency.

FiiiCHAIN FiiiCHAIN, the blockchain technology underpinning the Fiii ecosystem and serving as the foundation for FiiiGroup’s products and solutions, is a product of years of research and development conducted by FiiiGroup in search of the ultimate blockchain technology. It was developed based on Bitcoin’s blockchain but minus its weaknesses and with the addition of a host of enhanced features and capabilities.

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