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Finamatrix (FIX) is the leading decentralized risk management Blockchain project. FIX cryptocurrency offers Custom-built Blockchain Smart Contracts using state-of-the-art Risk-Cybernetics technology applications to automatically decode price discovery functions of cryptos or any asset for selection bias reduction, providing secure returns.

FIX by Finamatrix won 2018 Best A.I. Technology Firm Award & Most Innovative Proprietary Technology from UK Acquisition International Global Media. FIX offers owners access to a comprehensive AI portfolio and integrated solutions from the most outstanding Blockchain projects all over the world for institutions and governments.

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Finamatrix proprietary Risk-Cybernetics is applied in machine-learning algorithms to solve real-world problems. By developing a software protocol in smart contracts, risk-cybernetics can be applied to crypto-token selection in a portfolio setting with MVSK utility optimization, where MVSK is mean-variance-skewness-kurtosis paradigm that better describes and captures the inherent risks and returns of crypto-currencies, which are non-normal and usually skewed or fat-tailed.

More information in the project whitepaper:

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Project website