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The Hong Kong FinTech Association (FTAHK) is an independent non-profit membership-based association led by a volunteer group of board members and committee co-chairs representing the local and global FinTech community in Hong Kong. The FTAHK Association organizes a number of committees that manage sectors such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, RegTech, and online payments.


In October 2018 the FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) has issued an updated and revised version of its guidance on best practice in token sales. In May 2019, the Cardano Foundation announced its collaboration with the Fintech Association of Hong Kong, an independent organization that deals with various technology sectors. The collaboration aims not only to serve as an ecosystem for cryptocurrency but also to facilitate financial applications for everyday use. Cardano’s ingenious blockchain is built on various levels that make it easy to maintain the system and update it with softforks. The association will bring Hong Kong closer to its goal of becoming a center for FinTech through the introduction of advanced technologies in such sectors as finance, business, and government.


Henri Arslanian – Chairman, FinTech & Crypto Leader

The Hong Kong FinTech Association is lead by our Board of Directors and a full-time team:

  • Henri Arslanian – Chairman, FinTech & Crypto Leader;
  • Matt Dooley – Managing Director;
  • Marc Entwistle – Senior Manager;
  • Karen Contet Farzam – Co-Founder;
  • Veronica Fung – Chief of Staff;
  • Jessica Lam – Head of Strategy;
  • Timothy Leung – Senior Director of Fintech;
  • Lawrence Li – Head of Business Development of Livi Bank.

The Greater Bay Area research[edit]

On May 2, 2019, the Fintech Association of Hong Kong presented its new report, which discusses the main cities, the policy features and the landscape of the Fintech Greater Bay Area (GBA). The report provides a detailed overview of GBA demographic data, conditions for the development of fintech companies, projects and goals, including the specifics of legal regulation regarding capital markets and financing, as well as the supporting ecosystem of the region for fintech technologies. The study aims to form a general picture of development for stakeholders and formulates recommendations for the future development of the industry, providing information on how the region can succeed in the coming years.


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