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Firmo logo
Firmo ICO Review
Firmo ICO
Ticker: FRM
ICO start: 2018-08-14 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-09-19 00:00:00
Price: 1 FRM = 0.158 USD
Tokentype: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH

The crypto economy is driving an explosion of financial innovations never seen before. The financial infrastructure that will define the future is being built at this very moment. This is why we’re busy building Firmo.

Firmo enables financial companies such as cryptocurrency exchanges to securely offer decentralized derivatives to their customers. They do this through FirmoLang, our domain-specific, formally verified language. With Firmo, the world of hedging and shorting is opened up to the crypto economy. Firmo already works with Ethereum and we are exploring partnerships with Neo, Cardano, QTUM and others.


The Firmo protocol executes financial contracts on blockchain technology. Contracts are written using the domain specific language; FirmoLang. FirmoLang provides a secure execution environment for financial contracts on decentralized asset-classes. Similar to software built for airplane coordination, FirmoLang is formally verified, yielding needed security benefits for smart contracts in finance. FirmoLang compiles directly to Ethereum Virtual Machine bytecode. The Firmo Protocol is designed to integrate with and support the advancing decentralized economy, including: Decentralized exchanges, p2p lending platforms, prediction market platforms and more.
The Firmo Protocol is currently in the alpha phase of development. This document:
Introduces the Firmo protocol and the objective behind introducing financial contracts to the blockchain.
Provides a non-specific overview of the domain specific, domain specific programming language: FirmoLang.
Introduces the FirmoLang Ethereum Virtual Machine Compiler.


TOKENS - JUNE-JULY 2018: Token Generation event
DEMO - AUG 2018: Demo Live on Rinkeby, accessible with Metamask. Single instruments offered with automated counterparty matching and FRM faucet.
MAIN-NET LAUNCH - NOV 2018: Selected instruments live on main-net. Initial arbitration client hosted by Firmo.
EXPANDING COMPILER SUITE - JAN 2019: Compiler release and test-net client launch on NEO, QTUM and Cardano.
OPEN-SOURCE RELEASE - JUNE 2019: Open source arbitration client package release, initial arbitration nodes funded by Firmo.
FIRMO SIDE CHAIN - AUG 2019: The Firmo Protocol side chain project launch.Support for interoperable derivatives with atomic swaps executed on a secular chain.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Omri Ross CEO & FOUNDER Omri Ross photo 4.2
Ariel Laub CO-CTO Ariel Laub photo 4.2
Gury Tarub CO-CTO Gury Tarub photo 4.2
William Dashan Gan SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER William Dashan Gan photo 4.2
Anders Sommer-Larsen SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Anders Sommer-Larsen photo 4.2
Martin Thiele FULL-STACK DEVELOPER Martin Thiele photo 4.2
Mads Gram SENIOR COMPILER DEVELOPER Mads Gram photo 4.2
Thorkil Værge SENIOR COMPILER DEVELOPERærge-29476714/ Thorkil Værge photo 4.2
Johannes Jensen CHIEF ECONOMIST Johannes Jensen photo 4.2
Elad Shabi BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Elad Shabi photo 8.2
Idan Bar Shalom FINANCE Idan Bar Shalom photo 4.2
Dovev Goldstein MARKETING Dovev Goldstein photo 4.2
Lasse Kristensen UX/UI Lasse Kristensen photo 4.2
Lior Papirblat PRODUCT Lior Papirblat photo 4.2
Analisa Winther COMMUNITY Analisa Winther photo 4.2
Nir Blumberger COMMUNITY Nir Blumberger photo 4.2
Martin Elsman ADVISOR Advisors Martin Elsman photo 4.2
Michel Avital Advisor Advisors Michel Avital photo 4.2
Cosmin Oancea Advisor Advisors Cosmin Oancea photo 4.2
Kourosh Rasmussen Advisor Advisors Kourosh Rasmussen photo 4.2
Sebastian Stupurac ADVISOR Advisors Sebastian Stupurac photo 15.4
Jacob Knobel ADVISOR Advisors Jacob Knobel photo 4.2
Stas Oskin Advisor Advisors Stas Oskin photo 34.76
Nadav Dakner Advisor Advisors Nadav Dakner photo 4.2

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