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flyCARE logo
flyCARE ICO Review
Ticker: FCC
ICO start: 2018-05-14 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-14 00:00:00
Price: 1 FCC = 0.2 EUR
Tokens: 130,000,000 FCC
Tokentype: ERC20
Softcap: 1,000,000 EUR
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 65%
Minimum: 0.1 ETH
Accepting: ETH

flyCARE is a global ecosystem that offers personal-care service providers a unique solution that integrates multiple tools: a contact platform, applications and (through flyBOX), all the hardware and consumables needed to run the service. flyCARE relies on a "utility" token (the "FCC") used especially as a payment instrument by the flyCARE community. Professionals can meet their customers’ demand without the constraints of an initial investment and without an intermediary, in an autonomous and unique ecosystem based on the Blockchain, resolving definitively the deficiencies of this type of services, namely mobility, accessibility and funding. The flyCARE platform directly connects local personal-care service providers and users, and is powered by blockchain-based smart contracts, allowing real reviews, secure transactions and fair pricing. This disruptive and unique ecosystem in the world of personal care involves many stakeholders (consumers, care professionals, manufacturers and distributors), who will all use this innovative solution based on Blockchain, because it simultaneously responds to a real need from personal-service professions, clients, manufacturers, and even states facing recurring problems of funding gaps in care. flyCARE offers a unique end-to-end solution for door-step services, which facilitates access to medical care and well-being care.


Home care: a model against the prevailing trends today
The transport of goods and people, the banking sector as well as hotels and restaurants have been transformed by the introduction of connected objects and the development of social networks. Home care today is ill adapted to new consumption habits and the reality of a goods-and-services economy that has become increasingly flexible and mobile. This paradoxical finding is also in contradiction with the internal dynamics of professions that have considerably simplified and reduced the performance time in an increasing number of procedures. Quality care for everyone, anytime, anywhere, at the best price
Quality care for everyone, anytime, anywhere, at the best price.
More than a technical solution, a new way of imagining home care. Many types of care, complex and long, can be performed only at the cabinet or clinic setting. Others, shorter, mastered and equally essential, can nevertheless be organized at home, in a less restrictive way, for patients’ comfort and practitioners’ convenience.
A model of care access for the convenience of society and the relevant professions
flyCARE aims first to support and improve the evolution of care professions, aligning them with all opinion surveys and socioeconomic trends. If legal adaptation work for each country appears necessary, particularly in medical and paramedical areas, it is also clear that flyCARE responds primarily to the demands of society and professionals.


2015: flyCARE/flyBOX project kicked off
Finalization of the specifications booklet for flyCARE, mechanics, flyBOX electronics
First design layout flyCARE Apps and flyBOX
First prototype flyCARE Apps and flyBOX
Second prototype flyCARE Apps and flyBOX
2016: Launch of the manufacturing of injection tools, plastics and others for flyBOX, 25 in total
First delivery of injection parts
2017: Second validation of injection molds
First new flyBOX assembly
Final validation of the flyCARE App and the flyBOX
Launch of flyBOX manufacturing
Launch of purchases for mass production
ICO project kicked of
2018: Opening of flyCARE company in Brussels, Belgium
Opening of flyCARE ICO website / whitepaper
Opening the registration procedure for the pre-sales
Pre-sales, ICO flyCARE coins FCC
Sales, ICO flyCARE coins FCC
Closing of the ICO sales
Rollout in City 1
Rollout in Cities 2>5
2019: Rollout in Cities 6>10
Rollout in Cities 7>11
Rollout in Cities 12>16
Rollout in Cities 17>21
Rollout in Cities 22>25[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Bruno Lamoureux Creator and Founder of flyCARE Bruno Lamoureux photo 2.9
Dieter Bauch CFO and Co-Founder Dieter Bauch photo 2.9
Gilles Collard Lawyer & Legal Advisor Gilles Collard photo 2.9
David Lamoureux Head of Business Development, David Lamoureux photo 2.9
Steve Degosserie Computer Engineer Steve Degosserie photo 2.9
Thibault Dory Civil Engineer in Computer Science, Blockchain specialist Thibault Dory photo 2.9
Jérémie Mercier Expert full-stack architect & developer Jérémie Mercier photo 2.9
Florence Muls Press Relations and PR Advisor Florence Muls photo 2.9
Jean Maurice Oudot Senior Advisor Jean Maurice Oudot photo 2.9
Hugues Mertens Multidisciplinary IT Expert, Cloud Specialist Hugues Mertens photo 2.9
Nicolas Van Zeebroeck Advisors Nicolas Van Zeebroeck photo 2.9
Paul Bougnoux Advisors Paul Bougnoux photo 2.9
Jean Pierre Cremers Advisors Jean Pierre Cremers photo 2.9
Didier Vanden Brande Advisors Didier Vanden Brande photo 2.9
John Peters Advisors John Peters photo 2.9

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