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FoodNation is a food delivery marketplace, developed collaboratively, using the blockchain technology and having as key part the distribution of the profits with the sellers and divulgers for a more viral and sustainable growing. The project was founded in early 2018 and aims to develop a "decentralized economy" by creating an online food delivery marketplace where customers can order food from nearby restaurants. The FoodNation aims to become an "Autonomous Organization" where the community has all tools to grow.


Introduction to FoodNation(FOOD)

The online food order market is practically under the domain of big players whose profit margins are very significant, sometimes more than 50% of the services taxes.

These monopolies eliminate good part of the business competition making both restaurants and clients run out of options. Nowadays this market moves USD 121 billion and the foresight is that will be still growing in high taxes (approximately 18% a year) reaching, in 2002, nearly USD 234 billions.

How to break up with this concentrating reality of the food delivery marketplaces and at the same time, being an example in the construction of a fair scene? How we could, in the free market rules, assist all the people involved in this ecosystem?

FoodNation is creating a marketplace for food order by apps with division of efforts for conquer together this billionaire industry. All the partners that are involved in the network could enjoy, in a meritocratic way, by what they seed:

  • "Restaurants": receive and process the orders by network;
  • "Sellers": grasp the restaurants for the network;
  • "Consumers": ask orders by network;
  • "Promoters": attract consumers for the network;
  • "Investors": believe in the project and maintain our cryptocurrencies;
  • "Developers": feature development to the project and maintain the network;

The segment of Food Delivery is made by capital intensive with good part of the investment going to the mass marketing. The FoodNation believes in a sustainable growing, focusing especially on the network remuneration of sellers and divulgers which could construct a permanently profit resource by the capture of restaurants and consumers for the ecosystem. Being an alternative of profit resource for people, we became an interesting option of sharing economy, with potential of viral and explosive growing.

For this revolution, in terms of business model we will use all the potential technology of the blockchain, that will allow us acting in a decentralized, global and safe way. Thereby, without the need of servers, employees, managers or even formal institutions susceptible to governmental interference, we will unlock all the potential for us to growing quickly, with collective effort. We are talking about something very new in many senses.

Unfortunately, we see a lot of blockchain projects that use this technology just as a pretext to fund-raising or to solve a technical issue. In the end, they think as a traditional company, centralizing management (product, technology, seller and marketing) and consequently, the profits. What we crave with the FoodNation create is to unite the technology revolution with a radical change in the business role model, capturing all the potential of decentralization.

The current collaborators of the project have "already acted in the order delivery segment and delivery logistics, knowing profoundly their challenges and solutions". We add to the project, blockchain specialists to make possible the decentralized operation. At last, others collaborators will be attracted in this journey, for us, together construct this nation. If you believe that you could collaborate with ideas or even roll up your sleeves, search us, because you will be very welcome. Together we are stronger!

Decentralized Economy[edit]

All countries have adopted policies of economic centralization. While the economies of the capitalist countries are centralized in the hands of a few capitalists and powerful politicians, the economies of the communist countries are centralized in the hands of the party, the state. In fact, centralized economies have failed to eradicate the economic exploitation or the economic problems of the common people. The policies of economic centralization can be considered a strategy to accumulate increasing capital in the hands of few.

Although humanity improved their life quality, in terms of social indicators, the richness concentration could comprise this progress. For continue developing, will be necessary confront the giants, in the case the mega corporations. The blockchain technology allows us to reorganize things, eliminating the intermediaries, but maintain the trust of the transactions. It is in this context that the FoodNation wish to empower the edges, restaurants in special, sellers and divulgers, so that they are no longer exploited by the current marketplaces.


A online food delivery marketplace, essentially, connects hungry users with options of restaurants near to them. The buyers analyses the options, make the order and receive the food at home, killing their hungry. On the other hand, we have the restaurant processing the order, preparing the food and making the delivery. The systems that support this two sides are the most important for us to have a product that are loved and answer the needs of the market. This experience is very important.


For acting in a collaborative and decentralized way, we will create mechanisms of voting and stimulate the participation of all in the decisions. These mechanisms predict that any member, with determinate quantity of Food token, that propose changes, will be voted with the other members of the community, which will also need some amount of Food token. The proposals will be applied with priority by the technical community.

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