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Free Market Token
Free Market Token logo
Free Market Token ICO Review
Free Market Token ICO
Ticker: FMT
ICO start: 2018-06-28 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-05 00:00:00
Price: 1 FMT = 0.07 USD
Tokens: 300,000,000 FMT
Hardcap: 300,000,000 FMT
Distributed: 54.6%
Accepting: BTC, ETH, XEM

Free Market Token is a utility token that will provide powerful and unique features to, a buy/sell platform that allows anyone to use Cryptocurrency and Fiat in a simple-to-use, safe and secure environment.

Free market token solves many of the problems that users experience when trying to use cryptocurrency in the current e-commerce landscape.


Free Market Token is a powerful utility token enhancing the e-commerce experience while rewarding and protecting both shoppers and merchants on
The FMT token will power the platform’s payment system, enabling a peer-peer decentralised service, designed to protect both buyers and sellers. The platform forms a bridge between fiat and a variety of cryptocurrencies and is coupled with a powerful referral reward program to encourage network adoption, and incentivised merchant curation.
Ecryptostore is currently holding an ICO. Funds raised from the public sale of the FMT tokens will be used to further develop and integrate the platform’s cryptocurrency payment gateway, provide liquidity for the buyer’s and seller’s protection service and expand features. Global expansion will commence via aggressive marketing and multiple language translations. The goal is to provide a stable platform where buyers and merchants can transact with cryptocurrencies in a peer-to-peer manner with the safety and protection of a central payment processing system.


Q1 2018: Beta Test, Web based Platform, Built-in Chat function, Integrated Fiat Payment.
Q1 2018: Cryptocurrency Payment gateway integration (3rd Party gateway).
Q1 2018: Ecryptostore to accept Fiat currency for FMT tokens.
Q1 2018: Preliminary Partnership discussions.
Q1 2018: Private sale.
Q2 2018: ICO Closed & token Audit Conducted.
Q2 2018: FMT token Distribution to ICO participants.
Q2 2018: Full Integration of Escrow & Instant Settlement Payment Gateway.
Q2 2018: Multi-Currency Web/Desktop/Mobile Ecryptostore wallet.
Q2 2018: 3rd Party Instant on-platform token Exchange Integration.
Q2 2018: Ecryptostore Feature Enhancements • Geo-locational listing • Geo-fencing with Push notification • Crypto Directory listing.
Q3 2018: IOS & Android Apps available for Download.
Q3 2018: Global Expansion 1st Country.
Q3 2018: 3rd Party Platform Integration.
Q3 2018: Platform Partnership Launch and Integration.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Nathan Burns Co Founder Nathan Burns photo 4
Austin Lewinsmith Co Founder Austin Lewinsmith photo 4
Rafael Bergola Co Founder & Software Development Partner Rafael Bergola photo 4
Felix Chua Architect / Oracle Database Administrator / Project Delivery Felix Chua photo 4
Bryan King Lead Developer and Architect Bryan King photo 4
Jan Martinez Project Manager and AWS Infrastructure Architect Jan Martinez photo 4
Richard Badlisan Developer and Deployment Engineer Richard Badlisan photo 4
Ralph Siasat Developer and Deployment Engineer Ralph Siasat photo 4
Joel Bautista Senior Web Developer / Team Leader Joel Bautista photo 4
Jude Briones Lead QA - Quality Assurance Jude Briones photo 4
David Dabscheck Innovation and Strategic Alliances North Americ Advisor David Dabscheck photo 4
Jeff Cheung Legal, Tax and Compliance - Advisor Advisor Jeff Cheung photo 4
Joseph Chua Business Development and Strategic Advisor - South East Asia Advisor Joseph Chua photo 4
Paul McCafferty Lawyer and Notary Public Legal Council Advisor Paul McCafferty photo 4
Madison Van Bennekom Business development, social media awareness, strategic advisor Advisor Madison Van Bennekom photo 8.4
Yannik Heinze Blockchain architecture, Exchanges and Strategic Advisor Yannik Heinze photo 4

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