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GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) is a multi-strategy global fund for blockchain technology, cryptocurrency investor and accelerator that furthers the development, acceleration, and launch of blockchain projects. Value of the company comprises of three core pillars: Strategic Investment, Global Community Building, and Best in Class Partners. GBIC has its offices in New York, Seoul and Shanghai.


In April 2018, the Global Blockchain Innovation Fund, specializing in investments in innovative blockchain startups, began work in the industrial park of Hangzhou. The fund was founded by Tunlan Investment, a venture company, and its capital is $ 1.6 billion, of which $ 400 is an investment from the local treasury. Xu Xiaoping, the founder of the venture capital firm Zhenfund, which had previously invested in blockchain projects Stream and Lino, became the advisor to the fund. A well-known Chinese crypto investor, Li Xiaolai, was chosen as a fund manager. Also in the industrial park of Hangzhou launched an incubator blockchain startups. Hangzhou City is famous for supporting innovative companies. In particular, it was here in 1999 that the internet giant Alibaba Group was founded. In August 2018, it was announced that the decentralized payment platform Logos Network had successfully raised $ 3 million at the seed-stage financing. Global Blockchain Innovative Capital (GBIC) also took part in the primary financing of the platform. Logos is working to create a payment network based on the Bitcoin blockchain, with an emphasis on scalability and speed of transactions, as well as a high level of security.


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