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GEMERA is a token supported by Colombian emeralds. The project combines the security and convenience of digital assets, provided by blockchain technology, and physical assets - Colombian emeralds, which are stored in secure vaults of specialized companies.


GEMERA offers an innovative and modern investment model that is more profitable, affordable and transparent. Blockchain technology allows establishing trust between producers and investors, which ultimately benefits both parties. Working directly with manufacturers, GEMERA takes the choice of business partners seriously. The project works only with companies that comply with environmental standards in the extraction of minerals, maintains high corporate standards and helps in the development of neighboring settlements. The company also plans to launch its own trading platform, which will contain information about their emeralds, all the necessary certificates, as well as photo and video evidence of their existence and reliability of conditions of detention.


The idea of creating the project originated in the second quarter of 2017, when the creators began to study the industry of Colombian emeralds and take the first steps towards the implementation of the project. A few months later, the team began to form, build a business model and sign contracts with companies miners of emeralds. By the end of the year, the development of a trading platform and smart contracts began. In the beginning of 2018, the team proceeded to the purchase, transportation and certification of the first batch of emeralds, and also released a whitepaper. After that, the company was officially registered and prepared a marketing plan. At the end of 2018, the project intends to hold a public tokensale, to establish integration with the exchange, as well as to expand the staff. Further, the company plans to increase the volume of token sales, attracting more investors, to extend to a larger number of exchanges and conduct audits of stored emeralds.

Principle of operation[edit]

GEMERA token is backed up by Colombian emeralds, which means a 100% link between the token price and minerals. Each emerald is evaluated in tokens by a team of experts based on weight and quality. For this purpose, the model developed by Gemera for the evaluation of emeralds is used, designed to determine the quality and value of precious stones as reliably as possible. Thanks to the Gemera project, investors do not need to contact physical assets directly, which saves money on transportation, valuation and storage. By buying a token, the investor becomes the owner of Colombian emeralds for a similar amount.

GEMERA Token[edit]

Tokens of the project will be produced in limited quantities in the course of Events for Production of Tokens (TGE). The issued tokens will be available for sale to investors. Once all tokens are sold, GEMERA will proceed with the purchase, certification and distribution of emeralds for storage to secure all tokens sold. Once all the necessary procedures are completed, the selected emeralds are placed on the project's trading floor. The model of the GEMERA token operation is based on the principle of Proof of Asset. This means that there is no emission limit, and tokens will be issued constantly depending on the number of emeralds. However, project developers do not expect a very high demand for emeralds due to the limited stock of this asset. This factor will have a positive impact on the return on investment. As a goal, GEMERA wants to release 100 million tokens covered in emeralds by 2029.


The high profitability of GEMERA is due not only to the fact that Colombian emeralds are 20 times more rare than diamonds, but also to the fact that there are no intermediaries in the investment process. Thanks to the convenience of blockchain technology and the value of tokens embedded by emeralds, these tokens can always be sold for any fiat or digital currency without fear of strong volatility.

If an investor wants to independently store the emeralds or they need it for any purpose it may once a year exchange their tokens for real precious stone.

Gemera intends to carry out regular audits of the emeralds they hold and to take a responsible approach to their selection and evaluation.

Bounty program[edit]

Gemera has allocated 3% of all sold tokens to the bounty program, which will be distributed over the next activity:

  • Signatures - 40%
  • Articles - 35%
  • Twitter - 5%
  • Translations - 10%
  • Telegram - 7%
  • Reddit - 1%
  • Medium - 2%

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