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GFC coin logo

GFC is an open source peer-to-peer proof-of-stake cryptocurrency joined by Masternodes. The GFC currency is using the same technology as Dash & PivX but with an algorithm that is restructured for the funeral industry. GFC is designed and developed to become the main cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services in the global funeral industry. A currency that is accepted worldwide and rewards holders for performing essential actions on the blockchain. The GFC currency can be used to pay for goods and services on the Global Funeral Care platform which is a complete online ecosystem to support the global funeral industry.

GFC is distributed by the Global Funeral Foundation through an ICO, which started on 2018-12-04 and ends on 2019-06-30. The foundation encourages all organizations that operate in the funeral industry to use GFC.



2018 Q1[edit]

  • Formation Global Funeral Care Foundation

2018 Q2[edit]

  • Release draft economic model

2018 Q3[edit]

  • Release draft white paper

2018 Q4[edit]

  • Release white paper (v1.0)
  • Release economic model (v1.0)
  • Launch website
  • Launch help center
  • Start private sale
  • Start pre-sale


2019 Q1[edit]

  • Start final sale
  • Launch forum
  • Release framework platform
  • Start development platform (pre-alpha version)

2019 Q2[edit]

  • Launch platform (pre-alpha)
  • Testing platform (pre-alpha)
  • Start development platform (alpha)

2019 Q3[edit]

  • Launch GFC (mainnet)
  • Release Windows wallet (v.1.0)
  • Release Linux wallet (v.1.0)
  • Release macOS wallet (v.1.0)
  • Release Android wallet (v.1.0)
  • Start exchange listing campaign
  • Launch platform (alpha)
  • Testing platform (alpha)

2019 Q4[edit]

  • Start development platform (beta)
  • Launch platform (beta)
  • Testing platform (beta)


2020 Q1[edit]

  • Launch platform (release candidate)

2020 Q2[edit]

  • System-wide evaluation
  • Platform (general availability)

2020 Q3[edit]

  • -

2020 Q4[edit]

  • Release Windows wallet (v2.0)
  • Release Linux wallet (v2.0)
  • Release macOS wallet (v.2.0)
  • Release Android wallet (v.2.0)

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