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GIF by SOCIFI logo
Ticker: GIF
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1GIF = 0.00969635 USD
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 5,000,000,000 GIF
Hardcap: 26127734 USD
Softcap: 6399988 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 35%
Minimum: presale: 1,000 USD / crowdsale: 100 USD
Accepting: ETH (BTC, LTC)

Their ultimate dream is for every smartphone owner to be able to install the SOCIFThey Engagement Solution (SES) and cover their mobile data expenses by interacting with the sponsored content. Their mission is to unlock the potential of free ad-sponsored data and to help to create an open, transparent and fair marketplace. Sponsored Data can have a significant positive influence on economic growth, education and communication in human lives in both developed and developing markets, for consumers, small companies and large and corporate companies alike.


The main parts of the solution are ready, and we must focus on the deployment in specific pre-selected countries. They have analyzed over 70 markets worldwide and can deploy our solution in any of the finally chosen market(s) within 12-18 months. SOCIFThey will provide sponsored mobile data and other sponsored services to everyone who has a smartphone.
Their main​ ​goals​ ​are:

  • Provide access to sponsored data to everyone who has a smartphone

  • Open the Global marketplace with sponsored data in pre-selected country/countries

  • A fair and transparent revenue split distribution between advertisers and publishers

  • Create a new digital currency that is used for buying sponsored data (or other sponsored services) on one side and media space on the other

  • Establish the GIF Foundation for open governance

  • Release our SES as a fully open-sourced project. The SOCIFThey Engagement SDK and example white labeled app will be released under an open source license on GitHub. The engine will initially be administered by SOCIFThey SD Ltd.

  • Over time the SES will be decentralized based on smart contract technology.


Q4 2014: Idea creation
Q2 2015: Launch of sponsored data on WiFi technology
Q3 2016: Cooperation with Tata communication on sponsored data solution
Q2 2017: 51 million connected users through WiFi
Q2 2017: SOCIFI engagement solution SDK for Android
Q4 2017: ICO
Q1 2018: Launch marketplace for sponsored mobile data
Q3 2018 : GIF Foundation[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Sidney Zdenek Hornych CEO Sidney Zdenek Hornych photo 4.2
Tomas Silny CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) Tomas Silny photo 4.2
Lucie Kasparova Ebnerova Managing & Legal Director Lucie Kasparova Ebnerova photo 4.2
Dusan Zabrodsky Business Development Dusan Zabrodsky photo 4.2
Jan Tony Cep Digital Media & Communication Expert Jan Tony Cep photo 4.2
Vojtech Kijensky Head of Research and Development Vojtech Kijensky photo 4.2
Michal Ozogan Head of Front-End Development Michal Ozogan photo 4.2
Jiri Simecek Head of API & Back-End Development Jiri Simecek photo 4.2
Petr Chroustovsky Full Stack Engineer Petr Chroustovsky photo 8.4
Vojtech Kletecka Back-End Developer Vojtech Kletecka photo 4.2
Jan Skvaril Full Stack Developer Jan Skvaril photo 4.2
Eva Kleckova UI and Graphic Design Eva Kleckova photo 4.2
Karel Fillner Crypto Expert Karel Fillner photo 4.2
Zoff Khan Zoff Khan photo 4.2
Petr Chroustovsky Full Stack Engineerý-30b17515a/ Petr Chroustovsky photo 8.4
Daniel Senkyr Keiretsu Forumšenkýřangel9297/ Daniel Senkyr photo 8.4
Tomas Budnik CEO O2 Czech Republic Advisors Tomas Budnik photo 4.2
Daniel Senkyr Keiretsu Forum Advisors Daniel Senkyr photo 8.4
Jaroslav Klecka Finance Expert & Auditor Advisors Jaroslav Klecka photo 4.2
Pavel Brabenec Investment Director Telco&IT at KAPRAIN Holding Advisors Pavel Brabenec photo 4.2
Viktor Fischer Rockaway Capital Advisors Viktor Fischer photo 4.2
Tomas Marada Crypto Expert Advisors Tomas Marada photo 4.2
Zulfiqar Khan CEO GEMA MEA Advisors Zulfiqar Khan photo 4.2
Joey Gutierrez Managing Partner at G2 Wireless Advisors Joey Gutierrez photo 4.2

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