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Gabrotech is developing a unique solution for the loyalty rewards industry. Gabrotech 2.0 platform will enable a seamless, transparent and secure mechanism for rewarding and utilizing loyalty rewards for multiple organizations. The use of blockchain technology will ensure that all the transactions are accounted for. The control of loyalty rewards will move towards the customers again due to decentralization and use of a unique token for individual loyalty rewards.

Disrupting the rewards industry[edit]

The total value of the loyalty rewards program market is estimated to be at US$500billion. On an average, every household is enrolled in 25 loyalty programs, whereas utilization of loyalty rewards varies from 10% to 80%. Research has shown that more than 70% of the customers are unhappy with the loyalty rewards programs they are enrolled in. In addition, Loyalty Program Operators (LPO) make it hard for customers to redeem points as many LPOs think that expired points becomes a form of profit to them. Unless there is a platform which will address these issues by design, these problems would continue to persist in the industry. Gabrotech, is using blockchain to create a complete, secured, transparent and self-governed platform which will facilitate the process of rewarding and utilization.

Gabro Solutions[edit]

Gabro is creating a range of products which will together create a platform which will address all the problems facing the loyalty rewards industry.

Gabro Digital Wallet[edit]

The Gabro Digital wallet will allow users to manage different loyalty programs on the same wallet. Built-in security features through face recognition, biometric, passcode, usage patterns, facial recognition, passcode, usage patterns etc. will ensure the security for users.

Gabro Prepaid Card[edit]

Customers will be allowed to top up with spare reward points and spend on different goods and services and use the pre-paid card as per their wish.

Gabro Token Utility[edit]

GBO tokens will be at the heart of the entire platform, It is necessary to use services of the Gabrotech ecosystem

Multi-currency conversion engine[edit]

A patent-pending protocol system that utilizes Gabro’s liquidity pool. This platform rapidly converts any supported Blockchain asset to the appropriate fiat currency at market value in real-time.

O2O analytics platform[edit]

Provides insights into new customers. Execution platform provides personalized digital channels to issue your branded merchant token. Relevant offers could be targeted through the platform based on past transactions with Gabro and the merchant.

Loyalty Central[edit]

Allow users to convert idle points from one program to top up another for redemption. In addition to redeeming rewards, consumers can also exchange Gabro for reward points or trade with others

Value of GBO[edit]

Gabrotech is partnering with many merchants and more than 2 million users from Handy and AdPost. An aggressive marketing plan will supplement this and make sure that the adoption of Gabro as a platform increases with time. This will help in keeping the value of Gabro tokens on a high growth trajectory.


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