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Gakex is the world's first decentralized binary options trading platform. It is transparent based on TRON's Blockchain technology.

Gakex Review[edit]

To terminate the control of financial corporations and intermediary organizations. When the Blockchain revolution broke out, it became a symbol of freedom and transparency. The strong development of cryptocurrency is a testament to that. It is like a Declaration of Independence that ends fraud and dependence on dictatorships. However, dictators still stretch their tentacles, in order to take control of the market. And the birth of the DApp will be the end of all that. Based on the combination of Blockchain technology and smart contracts, we create the APP to contribute a part of our effort to gain freedom and gain ownership. To build a transparent and secure trading platform for users.

Many inventors want to participate in binary options trading. However, they are concerned about fraudulent tricks taking place on the exchanges. Understanding that, we aim to build an absolutely secure Gakex for users. Gakex will break the way a traditional binary options exchanges works. Based on TRON’s blockchain technology, all transactions on Gakex are transparent and secure. Investors will not have to worry about issues such as fraud or hackers.

Why should you choose DApp Gakex?[edit]

It has a decentralized trading platform Different from traditional centralized exchanges, Gakex is not controlled by dictators. Thanks to peer-to-peer network structure, Gakex’s decentralized trading platform allows investors to take full econtrol of personal assets. It does not hold money of investors Instead of recharging and keeping money in wallets as in other centralized exchanges, in Gakex, investors will manage their assets on the decentralized wallets.

They are stored with blockchain technology so they are extremely secure and do not fear attack by hackers. Money is always in the decentralized wallet of investors and we do not hold your money. It is completely transparent on TRON’s Blockchain

Traditionally concentrated exchanges will take full control of the transaction. Therefore, they can increase or decrease the speed of the watch if they want. Your order is also changed from winning to losing. In Gakex, all transactions are done on the blockchain and no one can intervene or edit those transactions.

Fraud by manipulating prices is also impossible on Gakex, because blockchain technology will not allow that to happen. Pricing data is run on the smart contract platform and is stored on the blockchain.

The contract cannot be replaced or modified Dapp Gakex is created by block chain technology is smart contracts, so contracts on Gakex exchange are irreplaceable or mortified.

To make transactions quickly Transactions are executed only seconds after your command. Because TRON’s network is capable of handling nearly 2000 transactions per second and growing over time. It has good liquidity Gakex ensures liquidity for all investors with a stable number of transactions daily.

Why should be TRON?[edit]

It has scalability process transactions:

Scalability: TRON’s network is capable of handling almost 2000 TPS (transactions per second), with the possibility of growing over time.

Transactions: TRON offers 5000 bandwidth per day for users to make transactions. Users can also freeze TRX when the bandwidth ends.

The reception of the community TRON has achieved important landmarks such as the number of transactions within 24 hours reached 1.4 million and more than 1.77 million registrations. Both of these landmarks were achieved very quickly, making TRON one of the highest growth coins.

Coin burn and increase liquidity TRON has a total of 100 billion supply for TRX tokens. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON recently announced a coin burn that adds an interesting twist. For example, if a third party wants to create token on the TRON network, they will have to burn 1000 TRX tokens. This will technically increase the price per TRX token.

Exchange rate pairs of Gakex[edit]

Exchange rate pairs of Gakex binary options trading platform include:

  • BTC / USDT,
  • ETH / USDT,
  • EOS / USDT,
  • TRX / USDT.

Gakex synthesizes price data from 20 reputable exchanges including Binance, BitMax, Bittrex, Poloniex, Upbit, DigiFinex, OKEx, HitBTC, Huobi Global, KuCoin, ZB.COM, IDAX,, CoinBene, Bibox, DragonEX, OEX, Bit-Z, BCEX and Fatbtc. We use integrated wallets to get prices from 20 trading platform exchanges and convert it to smart contracts. At the end of the trading time, the price will be compared and paid immediately to the winning players through smart contracts. There is no additional database and there aren't any loopholes.

What is Gex Token?[edit]

Gex Token is a token issued by Gakex, based on the foundation of TRX20. A total of 12 million Gex will be released and in future this will not increase any more.

What is GEX used for?[edit]

  • Gex is used to trade binary options on Gakex.
  • Gex is used to distribute profits of trading exchange to token holders

How to own GEX coins?[edit]

You can only own GEX by participating in options trading on GAKEX or freezing Token. Because we will not perform any ICO or IEO rounds. After the smart contract works, we can't create Gex for ourselves and neither a Gex is created before the smart contract works. There will be 12 million Gex issued and this number will never change. For each of your transactions, 1% of the transaction amount will be converted into Gex. The first 1 million Gex will be offered for $ 0.1. For example: At that time, when you trade a $1,000 option, regardless of winning or losing, $ 10 will be used to buy Gex and the Gex number you will receive is 100 Gex. The next 1 million Gex will be offered for $ 0.2. For example: At that time, when you trade a $ 1,000 option, regardless of winning or losing, $ 10 will be used to buy Gex and the Gex number you will receive is 50 Gex. After 2 million Gex is exploited, the price of Gex will be priced according to the trading market. The profits earned by TRX will be deposited into a smart contract and performed GEX acquisition of user token continuously.

Where can I trade GEX?[edit]

Currently, we allow users to directly exchange GEX to TRX right on our trading platform. And in the near future, we will conduct listing of Gex in decentralized markets.

What is Freeze Mode?[edit]

Gex will freeze on the smart contract and you can withdraw your Token number at least 3 days later. When freezing Gex, you can get the exchange profit forever, until you withdraw GEX. The profit will be paid to you every second and you can withdraw it whenever you want. The entire profit of the exchange will be divided equally for users who freeze Gex. Specifically, the amount of USD you receive = (3% Transaction of the winner (USD) * Freezing Money of the user) / Total freezing money in the system.

And the Gex number you will receive = The USD amount you received / Gex Price. 3% TRX of the winner will be placed on a smart contract. And users can withdraw TRX by proving to own GEX Token. After withdrawing TRX, the user's GEX number will be burned.

Why I am only paid 95% when I guess the right trend?[edit]

Currently in the world, only GEX pays 95% for binary options transactions on BTC/USDT. If you make an option on Gakex and win that trade, you will be paid 95% of the transaction amount, instead of 100%. So, what is the remaining 5% used for? 5% of the winner's money will be paid as follows:

  • 1% pay for referrals.
  • 1% is used to buy Token bonuses for trading members.
  • 3% pay for those who freeze Token.


4th quarter of 2018[edit]

Gakex Team formed. Start building Gakex ideas and building information images.

1st quarter of 2019[edit]

Officially launching testnet version. Testing all errors and cases of arising errors. Successfully handling all errors in the contract.

2nd quarter of 2019[edit]

Officially launched mainnet version. The press release about the first option trading platform in the world based on Blockchain technology. Launching the market of futures contracts for BTC / USDT market.

3rd quarter of 2019[edit]

  • Launching the future contract market for ETH / USDT market.
  • Launching the market of futures contracts for the EOS / USDT market.
  • Launching the future contract market for TRX / USDT market.

4th quarter of 2019[edit]

Continuing to develop options markets on EOS and ETH systems.

1st quarter of 2020[edit]

Launching testnet version of V5 decentralized trading platform. Developing smart V5 decentralized trading exchange, helping to trade the Token based on ETH, EOS and TRX together.

2nd quarter of 2020[edit]

Launching the mainnet version of the V5 decentralized trading exchange.

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