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Jump to: navigation, search - GTC logo (GTC) is a digital token designed to be a tool for payment applications on the platform global gaming for digital currencies blockchain. In turn, is a platform where developers will be able to "advertise" and to represent your games. All games on the platform will be purchased using GTC tokens.


The main thing in the project is a strategy of globalization and creation of the basis for the ICO-service for the global gaming industry. They are here to serve the global market! All this in order to give the global gaming industry a new direction! was created to offer developers of online games and games for smartphones, an alternative to Google Play and App Store, a platform for their implementation. It is worth noting that in order to sell your application on the above mentioned sites, developers need to pay about 40% of the commission.

Game intends GTC to be the virtual universal currency of the global gaming industry. Gamers will now be able to liquidate and trade assets for GTC and use the GTC in another game, solving the long standing issue of a player's accumulated assets and equipment going to waste when a game ends or the player gets bored and switches to a new game. Game also has a GTC Dream fund for game developers to apply to get their game idea funded and created.

Where to buy GTC?[edit]

In an interview, a member of the platform development team, said that in the near future they plan to add GTC tokens to the listing on Binance, Bittrex, Bithumb. But now they can be bought on OKEx and As of April 22, 2018, the cost of one token is 41 cents, with a capitalization of 244 million dollars. What is more remarkable, the average daily trading volume exceeds the capitalization of the project-281 million dollars.

Technical characteristics of the coin[edit]

Project type: Token;
Category: Gaming & VR;
Emission: 2 000 000 000 coins;
Available supply: 597.8 million GTC;
Market cap: 143,264,724 USD;
Volume (24h): 188,895,000 USD;
Whitepaper: infographics

Perspectives ICO[edit]

It is difficult to talk about the prospects of this project, after its so sharp increase in price. Judging from the fact that the popular resources for monitoring ICO, the project was estimated quite low 2,5-3,1 – analysts saw some catch. Judging from how the price of GTC tokens flew up rapidly, we can assume that in the near future, we will see a steep peak in the cost of these tokens.

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