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GameCredits (GAME) — is a digital currency based on the blockchain. Launched in 2014, it is used for online purchases of goods and game industry services.

Today the international company GameCredits Inc., founded in 2016 in Serbia, includes a team of 100 people in five countries.

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Technical characteristics[edit]

GameCredits is based on Bitcoin and is a simplified version of it. The mining of the cryptocurrency happens on the Scrypt algorithm according to the PoW (proof-of-work) principle. A new block in the chain is created every 90 seconds and the reward for it makes out 12.5 coins. The maximum planned emission of GAME makes out 84 million coins.

The GameCredits Inc. Company itself recommends using five pools for mining its coins:

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In the company, they empathize that they neither have launched nor officially support any of the pools but “aim to work with reliable operators only”.


The global goal of GameCredits is to become a universal currency or 2.6 billion gamers around the world, providing the game developers with the possibilities for the further growth of the game industry for $100 billion.

The team is also working on the Mobile Go mobile store and the Gamecredits online platform, which is alternative to Google Play and Apple Store. For the launch of MobileGo (MGO) the ICO was announced in March 2017, for which the company issued 100 million tokens through Waves and Ethereum.

The GAME app store currently counts over 300 games. At that, the store itself takes only 10% of the game cost (unlike of the 30% part of Apple and Google). This makes the platform very competitive.

Today, GAME is trade on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. After the peak growth in May 2017, the cost of the coins decreased slightly on the back of the interest to crypto currencies. As of October 19th, 2017 one coin costs $1.83 with the market capitalization of $116.649 million.

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