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Gems is a digital currency created to act as a means of payment on the Gems platform. In turn, Gems is a blockchain-based, and therefore decentralized platform for finding and hiring employees who are able to perform tasks.


The network will work on the following principle. The applicant will enter the platform to search for the employee. If both parties are satisfied with the terms of the job and the cost of its implementation, they conclude a contract, during the conclusion of which, both parties lay their own moments. Thus, the contractor will be interested in the quality of the work, and will be confident in the solvency of the customer. If the work is performed unsatisfactorily, the account of the contractor will be lowered in the rating.

The Gems project will consist of 3 layers:

  • Protocols;
  • Platforms;
  • Molecules.

The Gems Protocol will assess the performance of tasks, as well as the reputation of the platform participants. The Gems platform will serve as a place to find tasks to perform. On the platform, artists will be recommended queries according to their skills and experience.


The sphere of freelance hiring is gaining momentum and is considered very monetary. Amazon Mechanical Turk and CrowdFlofer are considered to be leaders in this industry. But they put unrealistic working conditions for performers. Sometimes, they charge a Comission of up to 40% of the cost of work. The created Gems network will help to provide participants with excellent conditions for work:

  • low commission;
  • verification of work performed;
  • efficient interface;
  • bypassing the banking system;
  • an effective model of stimulation and punishment of participants.

Thanks to Gems and other similar platforms, professionals have the opportunity to get new jobs, which is good for the economy. This means that Gems has good prospects for growth.

Where to buy[edit]

GEM tokens are being traded actively on The cost of 1 token is $0.019.

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