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Project overview[edit]

Access to funding for small enterprises in less economically developed and newly industrialized countries is extremely limited. Banks often charge large interest premiums and use inappropriate loan assessment criteria for businesses in such localities. Traditional venture capital organizations often employ stringent criteria, which are rarely met by small organizations. After recognizing the opportunity for such entities to connect with a growing currency system, Geneviève has brought cryptocurrency to small businesses and their communities in the form of Geneviève Exchange (GXE) and Geneviève VC (GXVC).

Cryptocurrency investments have shown exponential growth in recent years; such growth has been coupled with extreme volatility. Geneviève has found a couple of high-yield cryptocurrencies that facilitate long term investments. In line with the project’s commitment to the community, Geneviève are passionate in raising the standards of excellence. In pursuant, GXE and GXVC adopt the ERC223 format. The innovative standard follows a natural progression from its predecessor, ERC20, offering numerous additional benefit.

Geneviève VC: GXVC is a venture capital cryptocurrency that offers exposure of the underlying venture equity to its token holders. Token sale proceeds are injected as seed capital in to small businesses. Investment ventures are selected democratically from a shortlist by token holders through Geneviève’s DAO. Furthermore, the holders are offered legal and economic rights pertaining to underlying ventures investments. Investment returns are proportionally distributed quarterly to all token holders as dividends.

Geneviève Exchange: Investment ventures are tokenized on to the Ethereum blockchain following crowdsale fundraising campaigns. Thereafter, venture tokens become tradable on Geneviève’s token exchange. Listing fees are payable in GXE; this coupled with trading transaction fees facilitates quarterly dividend payments to token holders.

Geneviève’s goal is to ethically invest in up to 150 small businesses by the end of Q2, 2018; such ambitions are highly correlated with token valuation. Investment lengths will vary from 6 months to 24 months; this will be determined by Geneviève’s proprietary investment program.

By adopting smart money principles, Geneviève will fund business ventures globally to catalyze growth, offering GXVC as a medium of value exchange and as a storage of economic value. Such adoption, coupled with a limited token supply, will result in valuation premiums, furthering Geneviève’s investment capacity. Dividend returns from ventures will facilitate token buy backs, reducing the supply, further inflating the price.

Token sale[edit]

Geneviève will launched token sale on January 20th, 2018, offering 62.5% of GXVC, priced at 0.0001/ETH; 34.5% of GXVC is reserved for early-stage GXE investors who partook in the pre-sale. Geneviève VC has a total supply of 160,000,000, of which, 3 % will be retained by the team. All GXVC attained through the token swap will remain locked until the completion of the sale.


Geneviève was founded in 2014, with offices situated in Singapore, France, Estonia and the USA. The experience-rich firm specializes in wealth management and venture capital operations, taking a strategically contemporary approach to offer clients tailored services and high-return opportunities to generate wealth.

With recent focus on merging finance, Geneviève Co offers expertise in:

  • Hedge Fund Management
  • Financial Advisory/Market Research
  • Financial Engineering
  • Venture Capital
  • Business Recovery

Geneviève’s founders have lucratively managed venture capital operations for more than 26 companies ranging from small businesses to publicly-traded corporations spanning across 12 countries and 4 continents. 

Revolutionary blockchain technology has ignited the emergence of new markets and opportunities. Geneviève is now seeking to enter such markets, leading through innovation, to widen its array of services through Blockchain technology.


Fabien Dureuil has over ten years’ experience in financial and legal advising, organizational restructuring and asset management. In 2009, after earning his Master’s degree in Financial Engineering, Fabien, with his partners, built Cortal Consors Select, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas. The organization specialized in wealth management and venture capital investments. Despite the economic downturn, the company found positive returns in its first and subsequent years. Thereafter, he proceeded to acquire a stake in a portfolio of companies, each of which found enormous success through his intervention and guidance. In 2014, he founded Geneviève in Singapore and the USA, entering the venture capital market; the organization gave birth to GXE, a decentralized cryptocurrency.

Duane Kirkpatrick has devoted his career to international information technology. He began his career at IBM; shortly after, he moved to Dean Witter, where he was recognized as an ‘all American’ technology analyst by the Institutional Investor magazine. In 2000, during the early years of the internet, Duane became the CEO of TeleNova, a Brazilian organization providing VoIP international phone calls. Within a year, his efforts saw positive returns for the company’s shareholders; namely, Bank of America and JP Morgan. With a strong pulse on the global marketplace, we’re confident in Duane’s talent to find and realize lucrative investment opportunities with Geneviève.


  • Fabien Dureuil, CEO

  • Duane Kirkpatrick, Head of Investment and Project Analysis

  • Faisal Bhatti, Growth and Communications Officer

  • Fatima Castiglione Maldonado, Ethereum Lead Developer

  • Juan Livingston, Ethereum Developer

  • Marco Castiglione, Ethereum Developer

  • Adli Takkal Bataille, Head of Strategic Development

  • Dragos Roman, Graphic Designer


  • James Leyba, Blockchain Advisor

  • Fabien Lawson, Legal Advisor

  • Fortuné B. Ahoulouma, Legal Advisor


  • Partner: Ivory Coast’s Chamber of Commerce and the Trade and SME Ministry

Partnership type: Venture capital Using Blockchain technology, Geneviève seeks to find positive synergies with the Ivory Coast to facilitate and catalyze foreign investment; a capital injection into small businesses in such localities will further economic growth and development. The project seeks to increase local employment by creating jobs and running training programs to equip local citizens with skills and expertise to succeed. Geneviève is seeking to invest USD 2 million into 150 small businesses across the African state in 2018.

  • Partner: XpressO

Partnership type: Retail XpressO is a privately-owned and operated coffee shop based in Salt Lake City, Utah; they serve 100% organic fair trade coffee. Following a partnership with​ Geneviève​, Xpresso now accept GXE as a payment​​ currency.

  • Partner: Goer

Partnership type: Retail Goer are Geneviève’s second retail partners to accept GXE as a payment currency. A plug-in application is currently in development to seamlessly integrate a GXE payment mechanism onto the Goer website. Goer is an online​​ retail​​ platform, offering​​ tickets​​ for​​ national​​ musical​​ events.

  • Partner: vSchool

Partnership type: Enterprise In line with Geneviève’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp program, the VC firm is launching Africa’s first crypto-development school in the Ivory Coast in partnership with vSchool, with academic branches in the fields of law, finance and marketing. Further to creating employment opportunities, Geneviève is investing in human potential by equipping its students with the necessary skills to succeed.

  • Partner: Rootstock

Partnership type: Enterprise Geneviève’s token exchange will incorporate RootStock functionality. The smart contract platform is connected to the Bitcoin’s blockchain through sidechain technology. Such integration will allow investors to seamlessly interact with the Bitcoin Blockchain through a 2-way peg. Positive synergies are to be found by way of faster transfers and smart Bitcoins on the Rootstock blockchain. Rootstock will enable a variety of Bitcoin pairings on the exchange with ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.

  • Partner: Banque Atlantique/VISA*

Partnership type: Enterprise Geneviève seeks to launch a payment card offering liquid value amounting to 40% of the purchase cost. Underlying cryptocurrency assets suffice as debt collateral. Through Repo and Lombard credit mechanics, users find spending liquidity whilst minimising tax liabilities.

  • The partnership detailed above refers to the developing relationship with Banque Atlantique, through which, subsidiary company Genevieve & Ci SAS are contracted as a VISA distributor. The legal and technical specificities of the aforementioned partnership are still under discussion.

Investment Portfolio[edit]

  • Investment: Founded in 2006 by Gaëtan Turner, South World Wines delivers quality wines from across the world, where strong relationships with winemakers are a ​central ​part ​of ​the ​company’s philosophy.

Venture Stage: Capital Development


  • Investment: Carre Millesime is a wine merchant dedicated to private individuals, based in Bordeaux, France. Millesime offers one of the most complimentary selection of fine wines sourced from all corners of the globe. Purchases exclusive to the producing estates and are stored in Carre Millesime’s cellars to preserve​​ quality.

Venture Stage: Start Up


  • Investment: Vecta Design is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of stretched ceilings and is one of the most popular manufacturers in Europe, as well as being member of the​ Estonian Chamber of Commerce​​ and​​ Industry.

Venture Stage: Start Up


  • Investment: Compagnies du Monde offers a different perspective on travel. The company is dedicated to high - end tourism, ​​ sightseeing​​ and​​ charm.

Venture Stage: Recovery


  • Investment: Geneviève​ Digital​ are a tight - knit team of digital business experts that want to make businesses stand out from the crowd. They specialise in website development, mobile applications, digital marketing, social media​​ marketing, ​​ and​​ search​​ engine​​ optimization​​ (SEO).

Venture Stage: Start Up


Investment Application[edit]

Geneviève​​ have​​ launched​​ the​​ venture​​ capital​​ investment​​ program, by​​ way​​ of​​ its​​ new development, GXVC.​​​​ The​​ campaign​​ aims​​ to​​ identify​​ 150​​ small​​ businesses​​ seeking​​ a​​ capital injection​​ to​​ accelerate​​ their​​ enterprise​​ ambitions.​​ Moreover, the​​ venture​​ program​​ will​​ offer strategic​​ business​​ advice​​ to​​ further​​ catalyze​​ enterprise​​ growth​​ and​​ development.​​ The​​ current portfolio​​ exceeds​​ $1.133m​​ in valuation, which​​ includes​​ an​​ investment​​ fund​​ with​​ a​​ valuation​​ of $360,000.

The​​ selection​​ process​​ comprises​​ of​​ two​​ steps: applicants​​ are​​ required​​ to​​ submit​​ a​​ form​​ of interest;​​ shortlisted​​ businesses​​ will​​ be​​ invited​​ to​​ an​​ interview​​ to​​ further​​ assess​​ investment feasibility.​​​​ Geneviève​​ invests​​ in businesses​​ that​​ meet​​ certain​​ criteria​​ –​​ those​​ that​​ make economic​​ sense​​ with​​ long-term​​ growth​​ potential, those​​ operating​​ in booming​​ industries, and those​​ businesses​​ that​​ seek​​ to​​ positively​​ impact​​ their​​ local​​ communities.

The investment application can be found here.

Next Phase[edit]

Geneviève will lawfully tokenize ventures before listing them on its own signature token exchange platform in partnership with the West African stock exchange, BRVM. Venture tokens will offer economic and legal rights pertaining to the underlying investments to all token holders — Geneviève seeks to bridge the stock market with the cryptocurrency market.

Geneviève is currently exploring Shari’ah compliancy on the blockchain. The project is seeking to launch a third cryptocurrency, Geneviève Shari’ah Compliant Coin, with the Ticker GSCC. The VC firm is seeking to target the halal-conscious market by way of venture capital investments in Muslim-dominated, newly industrialized countries.

Summary Infographic[edit]



  • Genevieve: Venture Capital, but Blockchain

  • PME africaines: Une nouvelle plateforme d’aide aux financements des petites et les moyennes entreprises

  • Côte d’Ivoire – financement des PME : une FinTech américaine va mobiliser 2 millions de dollars grâce à la Blockchain

  • Convertible Geneviève Bond: Risk-Controlled Assets on the Blockchain

  • Geneviève Partners with Ivory Coast Government to Propel Local Business Growth Through Blockchain Financing

  • Geneviève Launches Venture Capital Funding Applications for Small Businesses! 30th November

  • Geneviève Launches Venture Capital Funding Applications For Small Businesses! 30th November










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