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Glitch Goons is a mobile fighting game with blockchain elements,
featuring a futuristic vaporwave saturated atmosphere where cybernetic animal-humanoid fighters do battle.
It is one of the first multi-blockchain mobile games on the market, supporting a whole range of cryptocurrencies.

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Key Points[edit]

  • Glitch Goons is a PvP automatic fighting game in which players customize and upgrade their characters.
  • The game is one of the first mobile games to be multi-blockchain and support a number of different cryptocurrencies.
  • The economy of the game is based on the rate: 1 GC = $1 ≈ 0.005 ETH
  • The Glitch Goons pre-sale will start on October 22nd and run for 3 weeks.
  • Pre-Sale chests with random content will be sold in 4 levels of rarity.
  • Each chest contains 5 items, each containing rare to legendary gear. Items may include: weapon, armor, gloves, boots, pants, helmet, jewelry, modifications (chips).
  • There will be 50 packs containing GameCoin (GC) tokens issued by Ether Dale (an ERC-20 based token)
  • All Glitch Goons players have a chance to compete in the tournament once the game is released.
  • Glitch Goons is set to launch in late November 2018.


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