Global Intellectual Property Protection

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ID 9g5JiYThxFTxknSMA3TT5xoXG7GYjRrTJxxLeeoQ36kJ
Reissuable Yes
Description Global Intellectual Property Protection
Supply 100,000,000
Creator 3PAdQUcvFsQXfsQmAiSgoJxaZH2KVVXcDe6
Decimals 8

Global Intellectual Property Protection aims to create and manage a system that has been designed to search, submit, transfer, and store Patent, Copyright, and Trademark registrations utilizing block chain technology which will provide GLOBAL evidence of ownership at a reduced cost saving owners time and money.

The Intellectual Property will contain no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as ownership will be maintained through the use of private keys similarly to how we maintain and prove ownership of any crypto currency.

Benefits of "GLIPP" system:

  • Global evidence of ownership
  • Low costs when compared to traditional methods
  • User friendly submission using a guided GUI (graphical user interface) in both web and wallet
  • Short wait time (patent, trademark, copyright) search performed automatically
  • NO attorneys required
  • NO Personally Identifiable Information (PII) required or stored

Current "OLD" system flaws:

  • File for protection in each country where you want to have protection
  • High costs (compounding costs if filing in additional countries)
  • Complex paperwork
  • Long wait times
  • Attorneys


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