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GoneTrippin logo
GoneTrippin ICO Review
GoneTrippin ICO
Ticker: GT
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 2,000,000,000 GT
Tokentype: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 20%

GoneTrippin's revolutionary platform and ecosystem have been designed to Make Every Trip an Adventure™. The myriad of issues that business owners and consumers face, especially in the travel industry, are long overdue for a solution. GoneTrippin is poised to create a win-win-win ecosystem, improving the experience of customers and business owners while pushing the entire travel experience into a new age. The GoneTrippin application will create the ease-of-use that travelers want and the exposure that small businesses need. The app will allow users to plan trips, see cost estimates, find locations that meet their unique standards, and pay for goods and services through the power of smart contracts and blockchain technology.The GoneTrippin Ecosystem GoneTrippin's platform is built on an ecosystem of users, providers, and the services offered, and deployed by a combination of carefully designed algorithms in harmony with a co-op team. The Provider Co-op facilitates the interactions between providers and the array of tools and technologies on the GoneTrippin platform. GoneTrippin's proprietary AThey Powered Transaction Manager has been designed to allow users to maintain their purchasing power and providers to get the value of the goods and services they provided without worrying about the market. Market Driven Exchange eases market interactions by facilitating the process and allowing all transactions to take place directly in the GoneTrippin application. This allows users and providers from all walks of life to get involved in this exciting new technology without needing to learn all of the intricate details. GoneTrippin's Reward Program incentivizes the collection of location data by offering GT rewards to users whose updates are accepted.


While attending college in Idaho, Ren Garner had many opportunities to experience and explore the outdoors. It became an escape from the stresses of school, work, and everyday life. After receiving many calls from family and friends asking for information on outdoor locations, places to eat, hiking trails, and other related activities, he realized there was a need for resources to help travelers plan an adventure. The resources available for novice adventure seekers did not seem to solve concerns or calm fears of the unknown for cautious travelers. He set out to develop a simple trip planning tool that could help families and individuals, especially those with little traveling experience, create memorable road trips. From Ren’s ideas surrounding these unrealized needs came the earliest vision that would eventually be called GoneTrippin, a revolutionary new tool that would not merely be an app but also a platform and an ecosystem.
As GoneTrippin™ made progress, Ren realized that opportunities to showcase small businesses and local outfitters would enhance the trip planning experience of the user and help those businesses grow. Travel is currently an 8 trillion-dollar industry and now, more than ever, the industry struggles in providing sufficient opportunities for small businesses to shine. Having no coding experience, Ren reached out to Joseph Limb, a talented programmer. Together, they have been developing a web application that truly allows users to customize road trips, weekend getaways, and exploration of their surroundings. In 2017, Accendo Software acquired GoneTrippin, and a team was assembled to bring the application to market.
GoneTrippin’s revolutionary platform and ecosystem have been created to make every trip an adventure™. The ecosystem is comprised of an intricate yet elegantly connected web of vendors (like small businesses), known as “providers”, the travelers (or customers) themselves referred to as “users”. The app itself is the center of this ecosystem and the nexus through which providers and users can easily interact. Through the app, travelers and small businesses will experience a new level of interconnectivity that combines the ease of a mobile platform with the safety and peace of mind thatsurpasses traditional financial transactions.  GoneTrippin was created with cautious travelers, families, solo adventurers, park rangers, pet owners, bicyclists, weekend warriors, road tripping friends, and many other types of explorers in mind. Connecting all of these groups to businesses eager to serve a larger audience is not an easy task, but at GoneTrippin Inc, we have designed the GoneTrippin platform with seamless, easy-touse functionality at its core.


2008: GoneTrippin's Conception.
2009: Initial Assets Aquired.
2012: Internal Website Launched.
2014: Web App Development Began.
2016: GoneTrippin LLC Establiched and Prototype Released.
February 2017: Accendo Software Corp. Aquires GoneTrippin LLC.
Fall 2017: Accendo Allocates Resources to GoneTrippin.
Spring 2018: Accendo Spins Off GoneTrippin Inc.
April-June 2018: Membership Enrollment ICO.
June 2018: GoneTrippin Trip Planner Beta Release.
July 2018: GoneTrippin Trip Planner General Release.
Spring 2019: GoneTrippin In-App Token Integration Complete.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Mohammad Chairman and CEO Mohammad photo 3
Ren Garner Product Manager Ren Garner photo 3
Joseph Limb Blockchain Systems Architect Joseph Limb photo 3
Cameron Rinaldi Blockchain Engineer Cameron Rinaldi photo 3
Emaun Kashfipour Marketing Strategist Emaun Kashfipour photo 3
Michael Weaver Marketing Strategist Michael Weaver photo 3
Gene Testa Senior Graphics Designer Gene Testa photo 3
Zohreh Zarrabi Business Analyst Zohreh Zarrabi photo 3
Victor Manzar Senior Software Engineer 3
Eugene Bovkun Senior Software Engineer 3
Pavel Padalka Software Engineer 3
Vitalii Sereda Senior Software Engineer 3
Nikolay Apostol Senior Graphics Designer 3
Nickolay Golovskoy Nickolay Golovskoy Software Engineer 3
Stanislav Demianets Software Engineer 3
Ce Yu Senior Creative Designer Ce Yu photo 3
Abraham Binesh Software Engineer Abraham Binesh photo 3
Alex Carroll Software Engineer Alex Carroll photo 3
Christine Hilsinger Team Support/HR Manager 3
Hassan Zarrabi Senior Creative Engineer Hassan Zarrabi photo 3
Jalil Zarrabi VP Operations Jalil Zarrabi photo 3
Mandana Shadfar Accountant Mandana Shadfar photo 3
Mehdi Basiri Senior Software Engineer 3
Andrii Plieshch Engineering Team Manager 3
Alex Danylov Engineering Team Manager 3
Himanshu Mahajan Senior DevOps Engineer 3
Abhishek Kumar DevOps Engineer Abhishek Kumar photo 3
Nikolay Chorniy Senior Software Engineer 3
Andrey Senior Software Engineer 3
Simon Cocking Chief ICO Advisor Advisor Simon Cocking photo 230
Hans Koning Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Business Advisor Advisor Hans Koning photo 6.7
David Meszaros Legal Advisor - ICO, Blockchain, Crypto Advisor David Meszaros photo 15.8
Michael S. Krotman Legal Advisor - Corporate Attorney Advisor Michael S. Krotman photo 3
Erin-Michael Gill Business & IP Advisor Advisor Erin-Michael Gill photo 3
Christopher Neil Travel Industry Tech Advisor Advisor Christopher Neil photo 3
Ali Rasekh Security Advisor Advisor Ali Rasekh photo 3
Greg (G.) Crumpton Business & Marketing Advisor Advisor Greg (G.) Crumpton photo 3
Moe Ibrahim Travel Industry Advisor Advisor Moe Ibrahim photo 3
Eugen Paraschiv Technical Advisor Advisor Eugen Paraschiv photo 3
Babak Shahpar Technical Advisor Advisor Babak Shahpar photo 3
Habib Parvin-Nejad Data Science Advisor Advisor Habib Parvin-Nejad photo 3
Shirin Elkoshairi Infrastructure Advisor Advisor Shirin Elkoshairi photo 3

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  1. https://gonetrippin.com/

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