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Grams homepage

Grams is a Dark Web resource which aims to fill the hole left by Google which can't search most portions of Deepnet, by serving as a comparison shopping search engine for the shadowy marketplaces of the Deep Web.


It is basically a Google for the dark net: it even copies its homepage design.

On April 14th 2014, the site’s administrator posted a message to Reddit’s r/onions forum announcing the launch of Grams’ open beta test and invited people to try it out.

The site, which can only be accessed using the web browser equipped to access the anonymizing network Tor, allows users to search eight different dark net marketplaces at once, making a search for the cheapest price on illegal goods significantly easier.

A recent survey of drug users conducted by the Guardian and released earlier that week found that nearly a quarter of respondents in the U.K. reported they had purchased drugs over the Internet. Grams tries to capitalize on the growth of this new market segment.

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