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GreenHashes is the world's first cryptocurrency supported by Carbon Credits & Mining Power. The token is based on blockchain technology.

Principle of operation[edit]

GreenHashes is conducting Crowdsale or GH Tokens to raise funds for R&D and operations. Reforestation, Renewable Energies, Carbon Capture & Responsible Mining will generate following products: 1) Electricity (Using Renewables) 2) Carbon Credits 3) Cryptocurrencies (Through Mining Outputs) 4) Carbon Fibre 5) Graphene 6) Artificial Diamonds

Company will sell these products to earn profits.

Any individual or institution can invest in GreenHashes. GreenHashes can be bought using 8 different Cryptocurrencies on Dex Exchange inside Waves Wallet & Waves Client. They include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, ZCash, Waves Investors can trade their GreenHashes for Carbon Credits or Mining Power on the soon to be launched Blockchain based Trading Platforms: &


The company runs a PreSale and then CrowdSale of GreenHashes Tokens on Dex Exchange inside Waves Wallet / Waves Client to raise funds for R&D and operations. Funds raised will be spent on Solar Panels, Carbon Capture Hardware, Mining Hardware & Reforestation. The main difference between GreenHashes and other ICOs is that the founders and the team will not hold any tokens at all. This ensures high security & stability for GreenHashes holders & traders on exchanges.


The GreenHash community has a GreenHashes Bounty grant program. In order to take part in it, the user must invite his crypto friends in the Telegram group. The daily winner gets 100 GH ($250). The program encourages each participant and rewards them with 1GH for the invitation.


While all the other organisations are focussing on just Renewables & limiting Emissions, GreenHashes is taking the game to the next level by focussing on conversion of Pollution to useful products like Carbon Fibre, Graphene & Artificial Diamonds. This will make them leaders in field of Negative Emissions.

GreenHashes has a total stock of 300 million GH. Each individual / institution that invests will earn not only money / profits, but also make a significant contribution to the conservation of nature. This inturn help fight Global Warming & Climate Change.

The company offers 10-15% Discounts for companies that want to invest large amounts in the project.


Green Hash supported Cryptocurrencies Mining Power.

Where to buy[edit]

  • On mobile devices. To do this, users need to install Waves Wallet from Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store.
  • On a desktop or laptop computer. Using the installation program of the Client from the Waves website

Anyone can learn more about GreenHash by joining the official channel on Telegram or by visiting the Website


GreenHash aims to develop the right goals and to benefit the world. The company works in different places and intends to solve the problem of environmental change, using a completely new approach. GreenHash committed to working toward preserving the Earth's climate. The company intends to achieve this result using renewable energy sources, negative emissions and reforestation. GreenHash is engaged in the development of the project in all parts of the world. The creators of the company strive to speed up the work as quickly as possible and achieve the goals for the preservation of the ecosystem.

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