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What is GPX?

Green Power Exchange ("GPX") is a peer-to-peer power-trading platform. Using blockchain technology, IoT integration and a user-friendly interface, the GPX platform represents a radical departure from current opaque and antiquated energy trading practices. GPX will enable an inclusive approach to power trading by directly connecting the producer and consumer by cutting out the middleman.

Why the Power Market?

The global power market is currently $2.2 trillion annually. However, today’s method for purchasing power at a wholesale and consumer level is inefficient and stuck in a different age: multiple intermediaries, black box exchanges and legal structures are involved that contribute to a bloated and slow-moving process. Consumers, large and small, mostly do not have an economical, legal or practical way to buy electricity on their own. Developers and independent owners of power projects are forced to rely on the an independent power producer to sell their power.

How does it work?

Transactions between consumers and producers of green power can trade seamlessly on the Green Power Exchange platform via the tokenization of power and implementation of standardized Smart Power Purchase Agreements and Proof of Ownership Smart Contracts that will auto execute once the required conditions are met and be posted to the public ledger.

Why GPX?

In terms of real world application and market penetration, GPX has immediate access to the largest power markets globally, with eight US states, Canada, and four major European markets, accounting for over 180 million consumers. With more than 60 projects secured at this stage for development and construction in these markets, and ready to be put on the GPX platform, as well as a roadmap to add significantly more partners, we feel strongly about achieving major developed power market dominance. Most importantly, GPX’s founders have built successful, profitable companies in the past in technology and energy, giving GPX a significant head-start over any other competing platform.

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