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Gric coin is an Agricultural, a crypto currecy, block chain and investment project.

The Gric Coin project aims to create a brand that will be a benchmark in the agricultural industry, remove imitation and food counterfeiting, bring about transparency with the aid of blockchain, create a vehicle for people to invest on real life agriculture and earn reward on their investments.

Food counterfeiting, a kind of food fraud involves the act of purposely altering, misrepresenting, mislabeling, substituting or tampering with any food product at any point along farm–to–table food supply chain.

How Gric Coin Project Works The Gric Coin Project, an agricultural crypto currency and block-chain project is divided into three major parts;

1. The Farm Project This involves the purchase of 1000 acres of land for mechanized farm and processing industry for farm produce. The farm project includes our farm, processing industry and the blockchain website that will be used for product authentication and verification.

2. The Coin Utility Project This involves the upgrading of our project and creating of apps for the site from fund generated from the ICO. In this project, investors will visit our FarmPartner website, pick from a range of farm businesses in various part of the African continent, -each of the farm business comes with specific cost and return on investment. Investors can pick a farm of their choice and invest in it with our Gric Coin. At the end of the agreed period, the investors will be paid back their initial investment and agreed return on investment. Gric Coin will be the only acceptable means of payment on the FarmPartner website. This will drastically increase the usage of our coin and create more demand for scarce resources.

3. Service Adoption: This involves other businesses adopting our Gric Coin project service and block chain system to create standard in their agricultural business. We strongly believe that our coin and site adoption would be done by other businesses.

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