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HuniBIT The Huni BlockChain aims to solve the following problems in the companion animal market, which has an annual average growth rate of over 14%, and to establish and operate the Huni ecosystem in a mature companion animal environment.

About Us[edit]

Rejuvenate the growing pet industry[edit]

HUNNY LIFE CENTER offers benefits to pet owners and their families

Contributing to Solving Organic Animal Problems with Hooney Animal Registration[edit]

Built-in chip contributes to eliminating side effects and reducing organic animals

Lack of companion animal data[edit]

Contribution to expansion of pet registration rate and activation of pet insurance

Huni Platform[edit]

"Vein recognition scanner (developed independently)", "Voluntary virtuous cycle system"

Patent holding[edit]

Our proprietary vein recognition technology allows you to register your pets without side effects. (Four domestic patents, four overseas patents)

Hooney ecosystem[edit]

All market participants receive monetary commodity exchanges, rewards to use various services, and generate voluntary participation , creating a virtuous cycle.

How to participate in the market[edit]

Customer - Registered animal information registration hospital - It is possible to participate in companion animal treatment, registration of prescription record, pet shop - registration of purchase of animal products.

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